Laboratory Autoclaves

Convenient Sterilization on Demand offers great Flexibility

The laboratory autoclaves deliver the solution for ideal sterilization and drying. They are easy-to-use and ensure reliable sterilization and user safety. Paired with fail-safe functions and both audible and visual alarms, the autoclaves were designed while keeping safety in mind. PHCbi has kept three important main features in mind when developing the laboratory autoclaves:

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Main Features

Accurate Sterilization

A microprocessor monitors and controls steam temperature within the chamber, ensuring that it is maintained within the ranges: 105°C - 126°C or 115°C - 135°C depending on the model.

Compact Design

Focusing on ease, the compact autoclave is paired with a swing-up lid for easy loading and unloading of test tubes, flasks, and lab instruments.

Guidance Function

Using a built-in voice guidance function, this increased safety feature helps to prevent operating mistakes and unnecessary risks on the job. The function is available for MLS-3751L and MLS-3781L.

Laboratory Autoclave Models

The laboratory autoclaves are designed to be compact and space-efficient. Researchers may waste valuable time and energy when limited to using a centralized building autoclave. Installation and maintenance of central autoclaves are not only costly but time consuming.  

75 Liters | MLS-3781L
FLYER (1.13 pdf/MB)
Sterilization temp. 115 to 135oC

50 Liters | MLS-3751L
FLYER (1.13 pdf/MB)
Sterilization temp. 115 to 135oC

47 Liters | MLS-3020U
FLYER (266 pdf/KB)
Sterilization temp. 105 to 126oC


The autoclaves are ergonomically designed to be easy-to-use and compact while preventing overheating. Built with an overheating protection function, the digital display control panel will flash if the temperature in the chamber rises above the chosen temperature setting.

With MLS-3751L and MLS-3781L, any of 4 courses can be selected according to the purpose of use, and 3 types of setting values can be stored for each course according to the usage conditions. The setting values (sterilizing temperature, sterilizing time, melting temperature, melting time, keep warm, exhaust temperature, exhaust rate) for each program can be easily changed for the user for easy use.

With MLS-3020U, the digital control panel allows temperature and time settings to be entered accuracy in 1oC and 1 minute intervals. The display panel is easy to readable, helping to prevent errors when setting parameters.

The reason why PHCbi Laboratory Freezers were selected over 50 years

Our History and Achievement

We launched Life Science business in 1966. Our products including preservation equipment (Laboratory Freezers, Ultra Low Freezers) and incubation equipment (Cell Culture Incubators, Microbiological Incubators) are now being used in various customers & facilities such as universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in 110 countries worldwide. For more information, please refer to customer's testimonial.

Since the launch of our first Pharmaceutical Refrigerator model in 1966, we have taken advantage of this technology to create exceptional products and services with a high degree of quality and reliability. We have worked to meet the expectations of customers in the medical and life science fields under both the Sanyo and Panasonic brands. As before, we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products and top-class services. See our commitment to the Quality.
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