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Incubation Equipment

CO2 incubators

  • What are the points to note for setting up CO2 Incubator?
    - Locate the incubator in a clean room or the location where few people enter. Locations where there is a lot of foot traffic are not suitable for the unit. Choose a clean room or a place where there are as few people as possible.
    - Set up the unit as high off the floor as possible. Since there are fewer airborne bacteria in the upper part of the room , the incubator should be placed on a laboratory table or a special stand. If stacking two or three units on top of each other, use a special roller base (we have an optional line-up).
    - Place in a location that is not directly affected by outside air. Avoid putting the unit in a location that will be directly affected air from a window, door, air conditioning / heating vent or wind blew out from clean benches of positive pressure type. 
  • What are the points to note for using CO2 Incubator?
    - Always were gloves and a mask when using the unit. Never use bare hands when cleaning or operating the unit.
    - Wipe spills immediately to always keep the unit clean when culture media or humidifying water spills . Always keep the inside of the unit clean.
    - Keep everything as sterile as possible.
    - Minimize opening of the unit door. When the door is frequently opened and closed, environment of chamber inside (including temperature, gas concentration etc.) is not maintained / stabilized.
  • What is the difference between Air-jacket Type and Water-jacket type ?
    For the daily use, no outstanding benefits of Water jacket type is considered if there are no frequent occasions of power failure for a long time since, Water jacket type requires regular refill of water in the jacket and contamination control by additional water. Please note that below is the general information and actual performance depends on individual product. Checking each performances, specifications and features are recommended.

  • Type of Jacket Air Jacketed Water Jacketed
    Time until temp. becomes stable Quicker Slower
    Temp. decrease after power is turned OFF    Temp. drops faster Temp. drops slower
    Maintenance  Simpler maintenance More maintenance required
    Unit weight Lighter Heavier
  • What is the life time of UV lamp?
    It is recommended to replace UV lamp after 5,000 hours of accumulated / total lightning time passed. Then message for the replacement is displayed on the screen. Please contact PHCbi official distributor in suce case.    
    As the total time of UV lightning is increased, possible UV ray output is decreased. To compensate the situation, lightning time of UV lamp (after door opening / closing) is automatically extended along with the using condition and accumulated lightning time of UV lamp.
  • What do I need to do if power failure occurs during decontamination process?
    Immediately after power is recovered, UV resolving phase (90min.) starts. However, even after decontamination process is completed, decontamination error message will be displayed. You should start the decontamination process again. During power failure, the door is remained locked.
  • When UV intensity is degraded, can a resolving phase be executed properly?
    When a UV lamp life indicator is blinking that means UV lamp has been used for longer than 5000 hours, the decontamination process cannot be started. When the lamp’s use hours is less than 5000 hours and no blinking of UV lamp indicator, even if its UV intensity is degraded, the lamp can resolve gas without extension of resolving time.
  • When should I do the decontamination process?
    Please do decontamination when contamination occurs inside the chamber, or at chamber cleaning for change over before starting culture (*Instruction Manual has a description). We also recommend doing decontamination process just after installation.