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ULT Freezer × A solution for minimizing lab operating risk

ULT freezers, high in reliability, and able for long storage of your most valued samples. However negative consequences may also arise if you use continue using them for a long period of time. Sudden malfunction, unable to be fixed due to end of production of components, high electricity bills, troublesome checkups, are a few to name which can be a risk for operating your lab.
PHCbi’s ULT freezer is equipped with HC refrigerants and an inverter controlled compressor which can hold down your electricity usage, along with various features we adopted for enhancing user-friendliness. We offer a wide range of product lineup from 900L to 500L.

[Feature 1] A 10 year comparison can reduce $500 from your annual electricity bill. HC refrigerants and invertor controlled compressor

PHCbi’s ULT freezer is equipped with HC refrigerants which do not affect the ozone layer, and an inverter controlled compressor which reduce the ON/OFF operation that increase electricity bills. As a result, our ULT freezers use approx. 58% less energy compared to models launched 10 years ago, which can add up to a reduction of $628 from your annual electricity bill per unit.

Lower electricity bills by updating to a newer model!

[Feature 2] No equipment checkup required due to HC refrigerants

In Japan, the ULT freezers equipped with HC refrigerants do not require the once-a-year checkup, according to the “Act of Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons” which is determined by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Please pay attention to the regulation in each country when waste the CFC/HCFC refrigerants that may be being used for the aged freezer. With the latest Natural Refrigerants, you can focus on your research and experiments with no disturbance for equipment checkups, alongside with reducing environmental harm.

You may not be able to use some products which use certain refrigerants.

[Product Lineup] Decide from a range of 500L~900L.

Energy saving model with HFC-free refrigerant + inverter control

Upright freezer 700L class 500L class 900L class
Effective capacity (L) 729 528 845
Power supply/
-PA: 220 -PE: 220/230/240V -PA: 220 60Hz -PE: 220/230/240V 50Hz -PA: 115V 60Hz, -PE: 220/230/240V 50Hz

[Other Features] Easy to use design for everyday use

  • Internal chamber has no center bar, allowing for free and efficient sample storage.
  • “Space Saving” Approximately 110 mm installation width can be reduced when installing 3 units in line compared to conventional units.
  • The inner door can be opened to 90°, for maximum extraction of stored items.
  • Equipped with an automatic negative pressure release port & a newly designed door handle that can be opened with minimal strength.
  • A large color LCD with a touchscreen that can be used with gloves on. Also with the status and history exportable to a computer via a USB port.