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  • Type of incubators depend on Applications
    PHCbi offers you the following product lineup for incubation equipment.

  • Type of Incubator Plant Growth Chamber Temp. Controlled Incubator
    Cooled Incubator
    Heated Incubator
    CO2 Incubator
    Multigas Incubator
    Type of cell culture Plant cell Microbe Animal cell
    Type of cell culture Various plant cells, seeds
    Eukaryotes (Moss, Algae, Mushrooms, Yeast etc.)
    Archaeum (Thermoduric bacteria etc.)
    Eubacteria (E. coli, Salmonella etc.)
    Epithelial cells (kidney cells, hepatocytes etc.)
    Mesenchymal cells (adipocytes, muscle cells, bone cells etc.)
    Stem cells (ES cells, iPS cells etc.)
    Plant acclimation,
    Photosynthesis researches
    Identification of bacteria causing food poisoning in hospitals
    Confirmation of the absence of bacteria in food at food at food manufacturers
    Research on microorganisms
    Other physicochemical experiments
    Regenerative medicine research
    Drug development
    Disease research
    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and ART (Assisted reproductive techniques)
    Controlled items   Temp. / Humidity / Brightness Temp. / Humidity Temp / CO2&O2 gas % / (Humidity)
    Control Parameter
    Temp.: +5℃ to +50 ℃ (light OFF)
    +10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (light ON)
    Brightness: 0 to 20,000 lx
    Humidity: 60% to 90% (light OFF)
    55% to 85% (light ON)
    Temp: -10℃ to +60℃ For Cooled Incubator
    +5 to +80℃ For Heated Incubator
    Temp: + 5℃ to +50 ℃
    CO2: 0 to 20 %
    Humidity: 95±5 %

CO2 incubators

  • What is the difference between Air-jacket Type and Water-jacket type ?
    For the daily use, no outstanding benefits of Water jacket type is considered if there are no frequent occasions of power failure for a long time since, Water jacket type requires regular refill of water in the jacket and contamination control by additional water. Please note that below is the general information and actual performance depends on individual product. Checking each performances, specifications and features are recommended.
    All the PHCbi's MCO CO2 & Multigas Incubator made by Air-jacket. Find more detail from Product Technology.

  • Type of Jacket Air Jacketed Water Jacketed
    Time until temp. becomes stable Quicker Slower
    Temp. decrease after power is turned OFF    Temp. drops faster Temp. drops slower
    Maintenance  Simpler maintenance More maintenance required
    Unit weight Lighter Heavier
  • What is the difference of CO2 sensor between Thermal Conductivity Type (TC sensor) and Infrared type (IR sensor) ?
    Generally, there are following differences on characteristic between TC sensor and IR sensor equipped with CO2 Incubator. For more detailed structure of PHCbi's DUAL IR sensor, find more information from Product Technology.

  • Type of Jacket Thermal Conductivity Sensor Infrared Sensor (advanced)
    Structure & Functionality Utilizes potential difference between high and low heat conduction
    Low CO2 concentration indicates high conductivity
    The higher the CO2 concentration, the more specific wavelength of Infrared ray absorbed.
    Characteristic  May be affected by humidity. The number higher than actual condition is indicated especially at low humidity that may affect on accurate control of incubator in some cases. Not affected by humidity.
    CO2 is controlled even under the dry air condition.
    Life time  Same with IR sensor Same with TC sensor