Environmental Policy

We have pledged to perform the following activities, recognizing that the environmental initiatives are an important issue based on the Policy of the PHC Group.

1. Compliance with legal and other requirements

We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements applicable to us. We also take into account the views and wishes of stockholders, customers,local organizations and all other stakeholders in setting and adhering to voluntary measures that protect and safeguard the environment.

2. Environmental initiatives and pollution prevention

Recognizing that it is our corporate responsibility to help reduce global warming, utilize resources effectively and prevent environmental contamination, we pledge to do the following:

  1. Use energy efficiently and effectively in every aspect of our businesses.
  2. Design environmentally-conscious products that conserve resources and reduce reliance on environmentally hazardous substances.
  3. Promote manufacturing practices that substantially reduce or eliminate the risk of soil and groundwater contamination from chemical substances and other waste.
  4. Strive to be a better corporate citizen by taking an active part in local activities and events.
  • Using energy effectively in the business
  • As for our products, doing environment-conscious design (effective use of resources, non-use of environmentally hazardous substances, and so on)
  • In the manufacturing divisions, promoting of prevention of pollution and reduction of risk, for chemical substances, waste and soil & underground water
  • In the social activities, aiming for as a better corporate citizen, and joining the local events actively

3. Continual improvement of our environmental management systems

In coordination with our business activities, we will optimize the environmental management of our manufacturing divisions so as to continually improve our environmental performance.

4. Raising environmental awareness

We will strive to raise awareness and knowledge of the environment within the Company so that our teams can independently implement environmental initiatives.

January 1, 2023
PHC Corporation
President Nobuaki Nakamura

Environmental Management

In accordance with our companyʼs Environmental Policy, our facilities are implementing responsible environmental management practices by setting clear objectives for energy efficiency, legal and regulatory compliance, and participation in local environmental activities; and by making a commitment to environmentally-conscious product design. Furthermore, these three manufacturing sites have obtained ISO14001 certification from the Organization for International Standardization and are striving to continually improve their environmental management systems.

Manufacturing Site Location Products, Activities and Services
Matsuyama 2131-1 Minamigata, Toon, Ehime 791-0395, Japan Development, design and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic devices
Wakimachi 110 Oaza Inoshiri-aza Nishiueno, Wakimachi, Mima, Tokushima 779-3603, Japan Manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic devices
Gunma 1-1-1 Sakada, Oizumi-machi, Ora-gun, Gunma 370-0596, Japan Development, design and manufacturing of laboratory and medical support devices

Below are their main environmental action objectives.

Objectives for FY2016

Items Environmental Objectives
Energy reduction Reduce CO2 emissions
Products Promote environmentally-conscious design
Legal and regulatory compliance

Eliminate regulatory non-compliance
Reduce/eliminate soil and groundwater contamination
Reduce risk of chemical/waste contamination

External activities Contribute to society through participation in local environmental activities

Environmental Performance Data