PHC Corporation carries out its daily corporate activities under our mission to “contribute to the health of society through our diligent efforts to create healthcare solutions that have a positive impact and improve the lives of people.” With this mission as our foundation, we aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the global community through various activities in our Diabetes Management, Life Sciences/Diagnostics and Healthcare Solutions businesses. By swiftly grasping changes in the environment and social situations, and taking initiative to solve social issues, we will contribute to create a sustainable society and better healthcare.

Nobuaki Nakamura
PHC Corporation

Our Business Activities Towards SDGs


  • We work to prevent water and soil contamination by promoting waste reduction such as designing products that can be recycled etc.

  • Through compliance with laws and regulations and conducting surveys of chemical substances, we will develop and manufacture products using appropriate raw materials and parts to contribute to environmental protection.

  • We promote efficient use of energy and strive to reduce CO2 emission.

  • We properly manage chemical substances according to the internal management procedures in our effort to reduce environmental impact and improve safety and health.

  • In accordance with laws and regulations, we work to prevent water and soil contamination by appropriately managing and disposing waste in our plants.

  • We provide employees with education on the environment and work to maintain and improve their environmental awareness.


  • We implement medical check-ups, dental examinations, and vaccinations for employees as well as promoting smoke-free workplace to support the healthy life of employees.

  • By providing life science equipment including pharmaceutical refrigerators, ultra-low temperature freezers, and incubators, we support research and development of vaccines, drugs, and new treatments such as cell therapies, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare.

  • By providing IVD equipment such as blood glucose monitoring systems, pathological diagnosis equipment for cancer and other diseases, and health management applications, we contribute to the prevention and early detection of disease and the improvement of the lives of people.

Respecting Human Rights and Diversity

  • We have established the Human Rights Policy, and promote activities for respecting human rights through cultivating corporate culture and education for all employees.

  • We work to create a comfortable work environment for all employees by promoting flexible workstyles, making the mindset shift among them and reforming the corporate culture.

Social Contribution

  • We conduct river bank cleanups and tree-planting activities near the company to contribute to protecting the environment.

  • We raise awareness by activities such as safe-driving promotion by employees during the nationwide traffic safety campaign, and contribute to preventing traffic accidents.

  • We offer plant visits for pupils/students from educational institutions such as elementary/junior-high schools, and provide learning opportunities.

  • Through activities such as participating in development and research projects led by government agencies, and promoting partnerships with universities and research institutions, we contribute to the advancement of healthcare.


  • We have established a Code of Conduct, which ensures that each and every one of our employees conduct their business activities with integrity, fairness and transparency. We also seek to achieve sustainable growth and enhance our corporate value through continually strengthening and promoting our corporate governance. In addition, our Risk Management Committee assesses the impact and frequency of each risk and responds to concerns as they arise, thereby reducing the risk to our business, employees, customers, and our contribution to society.

  • We have established CSR Procurement Guideline that are aimed at creating a sustainable supply chain, and we are implementing initiatives in line with the guideline.