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Matsuyama Site

Matsuyama Site

The Matsuyama Site began its operations in 1968 and was responsible for the manufacture of predominantly audiovisual products, but also various others. Since beginning the manufacture of blood glucose strips in 1991, the site has continued to produce in vitro diagnostic devices related to POC systems and blood glucose monitoring systems.

Wakimachi Site

Wakimachi Site

Operations commenced at the Wakimachi Site in 1969. The site started manufacturing mainly audiovisual products. Since beginning production of blood glucose test strips in 1997, the factory has been producing medical devices including digital injectors and products related to POC systems and blood glucose monitoring systems.

ISO 13485 Certificate

Indonesia Factory (PT PHC Indonesia)

Indonesia Factory

The Indonesia Factory began operations in 1991 with the manufacture of video cassette recorders, and has since produced an array of different products, mainly related to audiovisual equipment. In 2011, the factory began manufacturing blood glucose monitoring devices, and now also manufactures pharmaceutical refrigerators, biomedical freezers, and CO2 incubators.

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