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PHC develops medication management systems. Please contact us via the link below.

Please contact us via the link below

Medication Management App / Melon Nikki

Melon Nikki

PHC has developed a medication management app, Melon Nikki, which is dedicated to the digital injector for growth hormone therapy, together with JCR Pharmaceuticals. The app has been determined ready for practical use, following the completion of the analysis of design concept, and has been available since October 2020.

Using the Melon Nikki App, dosing history stored in the digital injector can be seamlessly sent to a smartphone, allowing patients to easily check their detailed history. The patient can check treatment status and their growth record at any time, as well as share information with doctors during consultations through their smartphone device’s screen. In the app, the patient can also choose clothes and other items for their avatars, as well as communicate with other patients via their avatar about their daily treatments. These features are designed to motivate patients, and therefore improve their adherence to their medication.

*Melon Nikki is a registered trademark of JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Visit JCR website for further information: (Japanese website)

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