Diagnostics Testing

From supply of clinical diagnostic reagents and instruments to operating management support, the LSI Medience Group responds to the diverse needs of medical institutions.

The LSI Medience Group's respected track record in the development, manufacture, and sale of clinical diagnostic reagents and instruments is reinforced by its wealth of experience as an integrated clinical testing facility. The group offers comprehensive service and support, from clinical testing on behalf of medical institutions to the introduction of diagnostic systems. The group also brings efficiency and optimization to testing operations.

Clinical and Scientific Instruments

Clinical Diagnostic Instruments


PATHFAST combines the accuracy of a lab analyzer with the flexibility of POCT (point of care testing) system. PATHFAST is an easy to use, bench-top chemiluminesent immunoassay analyzer providing accurate results from whole blood and plasma samples in under 17 minutes. It can run 6 same or different tests of cardiac and sepsis biomarkers simultaneously.

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Scientific Analytical Instruments


"IATROSCAN" is the first Thin-Layer-Chromatography(TLC)-FID Detection System in the TLC world. IATROSCAN MK-7s enables measurement of organic compounds by means of flame ionization detector (FID) . All organic compounds are quantified by our own unique FID. IATROSCAN is optimal especially for analyzing of lipids or petroleum fraction types and tracing reaction process of organic synthesis.

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