About IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics Div.)

Launching in 1991, the In Vitro Diagnostics Division began with producing blood glucose monitoring systems with the Panasonic Group and our ODM partner.
Since the division’s carve-out from the Panasonic Group in 2014, leveraging our accumulated technological capabilities and pursuing manufacturing excellences, we have been committed to developing, manufacturing, and providing a large range of medical devices to our customers.


- VOC(Voice of Customer)
- Listening to our customers to better understand their needs Front-loading concurrent engineering (Quality departments are involved from the planning and design stage)
- Optimized production processes


- Planning
- Industrial Design
- Sensors/Reagents
- Electric Circuits
- Hardware/Software
- Packaging
- Prototype/Performance Evaluation
- Technical Standards

製 造

- Product Certification
- Manufacturing Technology
- QMS/GMP certification

品 質

- Quality Control
- Quality Assurance
- Traceability


Kazuhiro Matsumoto

Yuta Moriwake

Chizu Asahara

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