Chizu Asahara / Staff Engineer, 1st System Group, 3rd Engineering Department

Chizu Asahara

Chizu Asahara joined the company in April 2005 and worked on reagent engineering for blood testing devices. Currently, she is the engineering leader for new product development.

What does your work involve?

I’m in charge of developing blood testing devices, known as POC (Point of Care) Systems. These devices are made up of sensors that react to a reagent, and analyzing instruments which display test results in a few minutes. These devices are easy to operate and demonstrate the same performance as large-scale equipment. Every year we acquire international certifications, and our products have earned a high level of trust. I’m currently developing a new sensor improving the performance of these devices even further. For the design of reagents as an essential factor for sensors, we must evaluate the reagents' ability to facilitate accurate reactions as well as ensure its productivity, the stable supply of materials, and quality control methods. We therefore make sure to share a range of information among all involved in the development project, being careful not to miss anything.

What is the most important thing to you in your work?

While it is of course important to meet the needs of our customers, we must also listen to all those involved in the manufacturing of the product. Product development requires the assistance of various departments, and to ensure good quality from the upstream processes, I listen to people involved at each stage and make sure to apply their ideas to the final design.
I also make sure I enjoy what I’m doing. Although on occasion we sometimes receive demanding feedback, the sense of achievement and confidence gained from experience provides a source of energy for our next challenge.

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