December 26, 2018
PHC Holdings Corporation

Tokyo, December 26, 2018 – PHC Holdings Corporation (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) announces that at the 28th Diabetes Technology Meeting (DTM), Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG (hereafter Ascensia Diabetes Care) has for the first time presented clinical research demonstrating that use of the CONTOUR®DIABETES app released by Ascensia Diabetes Care in the overseas market can reduce the chances of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events in people with diabetes. Ascensia Diabetes Care is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

The study was presented today as a poster1 at the Diabetes Technology Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland by Andreas Stuhr, M.D., Head of Global Medical Affairs and lead author. It examined the impact of usage of the CONTOUR®DIABETES app on the likelihood of hypo- and hyperglycemic events. It also assessed testing frequency in people with diabetes for the first 30 days and after 180 days of app use.

The study found that app use for more than 180 days significantly decreased both the likelihood of experiencing at least one hypoglycemic event ≤50 mg/dL (odds ratio 2.47) and the likelihood of experiencing at least one hyperglycemic event >250 mg/dL (odds ratio1.56). Similar results were obtained for hypo- and hyperglycemic events defined by ≤70 mg/dL and >180 mg/dL, respectively. Average frequency of blood glucose testing significantly increased from 2 times daily within the first 30 days to 4.5 times daily after 180 days of app use (P<0.0001).

These results suggest that the CONTOUR®DIABETES app may lead to improved glycemic outcomes. Results also show that use of the app led to more frequent blood glucose testing, demonstrating increased engagement in diabetes self-management.

The CONTOUR®DIABETES app is part of the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose monitoring system sold by Ascensia Diabetes Care in the overseas market, which also features the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter. The meter transmits blood glucose readings to the app via Bluetooth® technology. The app analyzes readings received from the meter to identify patterns and provides personalized guidance for diabetes self-management based on the well-researched Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) model of health behavior change.

The study examined anonymized data from 5,870 people with diabetes in North America who had been using the app for more than 180 days. The subjects were divided into two groups based on two different definitions for hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes. Subjects in each group had experienced at least one low or high blood glucose episode during the study duration. Group 1 had experienced at least one blood glucose episode of ≤70 mg/dL or >180 mg/dL (n=1,253) and group 2 had experienced at least one blood glucose episode of ≤50 mg/dL and >250 mg/dL (n=654).

Separate odds ratios were calculated for the chance of experiencing at least one hypoglycemia event for each group and at least one hyperglycemia event for each group, both within the first 30 days and after 180 days of app use. Odds ratios for the first 30 days were compared to those after 180 days of app use to determine the impact of app use on hypo- and hyperglycemic events. Testing frequency was also analyzed for the first 30 days and after 180 days of app use.

Sabina Furber, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Ascensia Diabetes Care, said: “One of the important aims of diabetes management is to reduce the frequency of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events, as these have a significant health impact on people with diabetes. This study demonstrates that by using the CONTOUR®DIABETES app, people with diabetes may be able to decrease their likelihood of experiencing these events and therefore reduce the impact that diabetes has on their lives.”

She added: “We are continuously updating the CONTOUR®DIABETES app and look forward to providing people with diabetes with more features and tools that will support them in the self-management of this condition”.

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1 Stuhr, A. and Pardo, S., Impact of Real-world Use of the CONTOUR®DIABETES App on Glycemic Control and Testing Frequency. Poster presented at Diabetes Technology Meeting, Maryland, USA, 2018.

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