CEO Message

PHC Group is on a mission to create healthcare solutions that improve people’s lives. Since our founding in 1969, we have been a leader in providing technology and services that meet the changing needs of society. Our company name and brand names have evolved over time, but we have continued our commitment to quality and have built a tradition of manufacturing excellence.

Our society faces growing geographic and economic disparities in both the quality of healthcare and access to medical services. On one hand, medical technologies and treatments are becoming more advanced and are serving a wider range of needs, such as cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine. On the other hand, healthcare costs put these advances out of reach for many. PHC Group’s wide range of touchpoints in the healthcare journey uniquely positions us to invest in growth opportunities and to work toward making them available to more people.

Across PHC Group, our “One PHC” mindset reminds us that, no matter where we live or what type of healthcare need we serve, every PHC Group company and employee is part of a global team with a common mission, collaborating across borders and languages. PHC Group’s sustainability efforts are focused on three areas: environmental, social, and governance. The following are the specific topics where we believe our businesses can make the greatest impact as “One PHC”:

  • In our environmental commitments, we focus on climate change, preservation of natural resources, and promotion of a circular economy. In Japan and internationally, we have obtained ISO 14001 certification and are engaged in activities to conserve the environment, such as efficient energy use and environmentally friendly product development.
  • In our social commitments, we contribute to society in areas including healthcare innovation and our supply chain. We are also advancing diversity and engagement in our workforce. As part of these efforts, we conduct regular employee engagement surveys and town hall meetings where all employees globally are invited to join. We will continue to work towards further strengthening and enhancing human capital, which is essential for the sustainable growth of the company.
  • In our governance commitments, we focus our attention on board effectiveness assessment, risk management, cybersecurity, internal audit, and external directors. We have established a governance system that allows effective compliance with applicable laws and regulations through multiple checkpoints. We prioritize corporate governance from the perspective of ensuring management soundness, efficiency, transparency, and sustainably increasing corporate value.

PHC Group is a global network of healthcare companies and has cultivated a culture that seeks out and promotes all kinds of diversity – in personal experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. This allows us to leverage a rich diversity of ideas that we use to create innovative healthcare solutions, ahead of their time.

Together as One PHC, our businesses will continue to create new value to improve people’s health and to contribute to a more prosperous society.

President, Representative Director and CEO
Kyoko Deguchi
Kyoko Deguchi