CEO Message

PHC Group’s mid-term plan, or “Value Creation Plan,” announced in November 2022, defines the growth areas that will drive our business growth until 2025 and beyond, including our commitment to incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles in our business strategy. To advance this commitment, we will change the way we approach sustainability issues as a company, from separate corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities managed individually by each of our subsidiaries to a cohesive PHC Group ESG strategy focused on the most important issues, or materiality areas, where we can make an impact together.

Our mission is to contribute to the health of society through our diligent efforts to create healthcare solutions that have positive impact and improve the lives of people. The ultimate goal of improving lives guides our business decisions and encompasses environmental, social, and governance issues. PHC Group has identified 11 important issues that are material to our global operations and that we will prioritize as a business.

  • • In our environmental commitment, we will focus on environmental issues where we have an opportunity to make a direct impact as a company, including climate change, preservation of natural resources, and promotion of a circular economy.
  • • In our social commitment, we will contribute to society through products and services that advance healthcare innovation. We will also work to advance diversity and engagement in our workforce.
  • • In our governance commitment, we have identified key areas where we will focus our attention in how our leadership is organized, including corporate governance, risk management, and information security.

As we work to advance these important issues as a company, we will remain conscious of how we can connect our ESG commitments to global frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Going forward, we will continue to monitor the ever-changing sustainability landscape, and update our targets as needed, while sharing developments about new initiatives and activities that we introduce.

PHC Group aims to create new value for all our stakeholders, by setting ambitious goals for business growth and working toward those goals in a responsible and sustainable way. We will approach our sustainability journey as a company with the same dedication to quality and spirit of excellence for which PHC Group is already known to our customers, investors, partners, and employees.

Representative Director, President & CEO
Shoji Miyazaki
Shoji Miyazaki