PHC GROUP Integrated Report



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Mission, Vision, and Values
Editorial Policy
This is the first Integrated Report published by PHC Group. The purpose of this report is to provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the positions and initiatives undertaken by PHC Group, a collection of global healthcare companies, to achieve our mission. In producing this report, departments in charge of reporting and management collaborated closely to ensure that the editorial process and published content were transparent and accurate.
Report Period
April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 (including some reports from after the report period)
Organizations Covered by the Report
PHC Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively, PHC Group)
Guidelines Referenced
Integrated Reporting Framework, Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation
Publication Date
January 2024
This report contains forward-looking statements regarding our plans, strategies, and performance forecasts. Unless otherwise stated, forward-looking statements include PHC Group’s assumptions, future prospects, and estimates based on information available to PHC Group as of the date of publication, as well as PHC Group’s plans and projections. There is no guarantee that the statements contained in this report will be achieved. Due to various factors, forward-looking statements may differ significantly from actual results. Therefore, investors are advised not to rely completely on these forward-looking statements.
The information on products (including those under development) contained in this material is for the purpose of disclosing management information of the company and is not intended for advertising or promotional purposes.