Integrated Report 2023

PHC Group Business StrategyValue Chain Strategy

Value Chain Strategy

Based on our mission, PHC Group conducts business activities with an eye on realizing materiality. By addressing materiality throughout the value chain in the Foundation Areas of our three business domains, Diabetes Management, Healthcare Solutions, and Diagnostics & Life Sciences, we will create synergies among businesses and expand each business. By doing so, we will expand our range of products, services, and customer base, and further accelerate our efforts toward our goal of advancing Value-Based Healthcare.

Our Value Chain Initiatives

Develop business activities with a focus on realizing materiality *

  1. Research and

    • Develop products that are friendly to the global environment and resources, such as products with the world’s highest level of energy-saving performance and high durability.
    • Proactive investment in areas that require different capabilities from conventional ones, such as digital health initiatives.
    • Innovation initiatives that do not rely on proprietary technologies, such as the establishment of our joint R&D center with 3DHISTECH and joint research with universities.
    Circularity / Healthcare Innovation / Product Excellence
  2. Procurement

    • Build a robust supply chain through meetings and other communication with suppliers.
    • Promote sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain.
    Supply Chain
  3. Manufacturing

    • Promote development and improvement of production technologies that significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and waste, as well as water and packaging material consumption.
    • Reduce waste, improve efficiency, and lower costs by optimizing manufacturing footprint and operations.
    Climate Change / Preservation of Natural Resources / Circularity
  4. Sales

    • Further sales expansion in emerging markets and developing countries and regions where healthcare is needed.
    • Respond to recalls in good faith, including appropriate recalls and disclosure of necessary information.
    Expanded Access

* Excerpt only of materiality topic related to supply chain