Integrated Report 2023

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LSI Medience contributes to creating
a healthy and safe society through medical science.

Haruo Watanabe

Haruo Watanabe

Corporate Officer, PHC Holdings Corporation
President and Representative Director, LSI Medience Corporation


LSI Medience’s mission is “We are the Good Health Creator, contributing to the creation of a healthy and safe society through Medical Science (MEDIcal+sciENCE).” Through this mission, we seek to deliver accurate clinical test results to medical facilities promptly, based on the analytical technology we have cultivated over 45 years of providing clinical testing services.
In addition to clinical tests for disease diagnosis and health checkups, we actively leverage new technologies and strive to provide even better services. Recently, we have introduced cutting-edge next-generation sequencers and have begun offering cancer genome profiling tests, which are essential for new cancer treatments.
We will contribute to advancing healthcare while ensuring high quality and speed of testing and utilizing new technologies.


Established in 1975, LSI Medience has operated various clinical testing and diagnostic reagents and instruments businesses.
In our clinical testing business, we offer contract clinical testing services, in which patient samples are collected from clinics and hospitals and transferred to our clinical testing centers for a variety of tests. Our testing spans a wide range of categories, including hematology, biochemical, microbiological, and gene-related testing, and we reliably deliver accurate test results quickly.
In addition, we are one of 30 laboratories in the world that conduct doping testing, and the only sample analysis laboratory in Japan certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
We aim to create new solutions by combining our core analytical capabilities accumulated over a long period of time in these diverse testing fields with our expertise in analyzing test results.
In the diagnostic reagents and instruments business, since developing Japan's first clinical test reagents, we have supported the advancement of medical care by providing world-class, high-speed, high-precision in vitro diagnostic test equipment and reagents, such as POCT and latex reagents. LSI Medience's diagnostic reagents and instruments business has been integrated with PHC Corporation's IVD Division through a PHC Group business restructuring on November 1, 2023. In the future, we will pursue synergies within the group and respond to customers' unmet needs by providing in vitro diagnostic testing equipment and reagents.


  • One of the top clinical testing platforms in Japan
    In the clinical testing business, we have a nationwide network in Japan, covering a wide variety of more than 4,000 types of tests. Additionally, we have built strong relationships and trust with our customers, including medical associations, based on our many years of experience.
  • Thorough quality management
    We have obtained international certification and carry out thorough quality control in all business areas.
  • Advanced initiatives
    Over the years, we have advanced technological capabilities in genetic analysis and mass spectrometry in testing and have promoted a variety of advanced initiatives, including the first industry-academia collaboration in Japan.

FY2022 Snapshot

Revenue: JPY95.6billion

* Revenues from clinical business, Mediford Corporation (11 billion yen), and diagnostic reagents and instruments business

Main Customers

  • Hospitals/clinics
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food manufacturers

Main Products/Services

We develop clinical tests such as cancer diagnosis and genetic testing based on innovative technology. Furthermore, we will promote global anti-doping activities and contribute to the healthy development of sports.

  • Clinical testing services

    Respond to advanced and diverse clinical testing needs with laboratory automation systems

    Clinical testing services
  • Diagnostic reagents and instruments

    Achieve quick and accurate testing with a wide range of product lineups



    Mycoplasma antigen kit

    Mycoplasma antigen kit

    On November 1, 2023, the diagnostic reagents and instruments business was integrated under PHC Corporation.

  • Doping testing service

    Promoting global anti-doping activities as the only WADA*2 certified laboratory in Japan

  • Industry's first product

    World's first latex agglutination chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer (LPIA-1) (1982)


    On November 1, 2023, the diagnostic reagents and instruments business was integrated under PHC Corporation.

*1 In-house research *2 World Anti-Doping Agency

LSIM Division

LSIM Division

The overall clinical testing market in Japan continued to be driven by demand for COVID-19 related tests from 2020 to 2022, but the medium-term growth rate is around 1%. Genetic and genomic tests are expected to grow by double digits compared to general hematology and biochemical tests.
Samples are collected from clinics and hospitals and tested centrally, mainly at the Central Laboratory in Tokyo, but a common issue in the industry is how to streamline these operations.

Our company, which is responsible for the clinical testing contract business and boasts one of the largest business scales in Japan, covers a wide variety of more than 4,000 types of tests and conducts thorough accuracy and quality control in all of these testing business areas. We report highly reliable test results using advanced technology, strict accuracy control, and a mature information processing platform based on our extensive experience.
In addition, we support a variety of large-scale industry-academia collaboration projects, including the Tsukuba i-Laboratory, which is Japan’s first example of industry-academia collaboration.

The Growth Areas that LSI Medience is focusing on are cancer gene testing used at the start of anti-cancer drug treatment, cancer genome/genetic testing such as cancer panel testing that can examine multiple genes simultaneously, and medical treatment for healthy people. We aim to expand the contracts for uninsured testing for healthy people, a new market that is not limited to medical care. In addition, we will promote strategic partnerships with regional hospitals and academic institutions, and utilize the laboratory capabilities of regional partners to reduce investment and efficiently undertake clinical testing to develop regional strategies.