Integrated Report 2023

PHC Group Business StrategyHealthcare Solutions

As a healthcare solutions company that seeks to help
transform the medical industry, we address issues
faced by healthcare professionals and contribute to
the well-being of society.

Takayuki Otsuka

Takayuki Otsuka

Corporate Officer, PHC Holdings Corporation
President and Representative Director, WEMEX Corporation


Current social issues such as population decline, an aging population, and financial constraints are becoming major areas of focus in the medical industry. The challenges of overworked physicians, imbalances in the number of physicians by region, and medical disparities in less populated areas are expected to become more pressing in the future, as will the shortages of healthcare professionals and the challenges they face in the working environment. To help address these issues, we will respond to the Japanese government’s medical policies and leverage our digital technology to improve the efficiency of medical operations and support preventive healthcare.
We at Wemex have been supporting the digitalization of the healthcare industry in Japan for more than 50 years. In the future, we will further strengthen our efforts in this area.
In the long term, we will continue to focus on medical institutions and consumers, seeking to contribute to improved overall well-being.


Wemex provides medical-receipt computers and electronic medical record systems for clinics and hospitals, as well as medical-receipt computers and electronic medication history systems for dispensing pharmacies.
Since the launch of Japan's first medical-receipt computer in 1972, we have led the way in IT solutions to improve the efficiency of management and operations at medical institutions and pharmacies. Currently, we hold the number one market share in Japan for medical-receipt computers and electronic medical record systems in clinics and pharmacies.
On April 1, 2023, Wemex was established by integrating PHC Corporation’s Medicom Division and its sales companies, PHC Medicom Corporation, and the health checkup support businesses of LSI Medience. Additionally, on October 1, 2023, we acquired the electronic medical record and medical-receipt systems-related business from FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems corporation. In addition to further expanding existing products such as medical-receipt computers and electronic medical record systems, we will also advance efforts in telemedicine and medical data to further promote the ongoing digital transformation of healthcare in Japan.
Our mission is to continue creating value essential to society with our purpose of “Exploring the mind and body and creating a society where everyone can seek personal happiness.”


  • Abundant knowledge and experience
    We have introduced a variety of innovations since the launch of Japan’s first medical-receipt computer in 1972. We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience assessing what our customers need and reflecting it in our products and services.
  • Robust customer base
    We have the largest market share in Japan for medical-receipt computers and electronic medical record system in clinics and pharmacies. While some policy-related demands in Japan are expected, such as the online eligibility verification system for insurance card usage with the My Number Card and support for electronic prescriptions, our robust customer base with deep relationships and trust is our major strength.
  • Prompt support service
    We provide user support through a network of 140 locations nationwide. We respond to medical fee and legal revisions in a timely manner and hold product seminars. We lead the industry in support quality, as the first in the healthcare industry to receive KCS awards and HDI ratings.

FY2022 Snapshot

Revenue: JPY37.9billion

Main Customers

  • Hospitals/clinica
  • Dispensing pharmacies
  • Dental clinics
  • Health insurance associations

Main Products/Services

We develop solutions to promote the digital transformation of healthcare in Japan. Our electronic medical record and electronic medication history systems can be linked with the online eligibility verification systems and electronic prescriptions, as well as API linkage with other companies' services.

Healthcare Business Operation Support Systems

  • Medical receipt computers

    Medicom-HRf core

    Automatically import insurance card information. Facilitate accounting work.

  • Electronic medical record systems

    Medicom-HRf Hybrid Cloud

    Improve the operational efficiency of the medical frontline by reducing the workload required to input medical records.

  • Electronic medication history systems


    Support pharmacists' work with medication history lists on screen and other functions.

    • Electronic medical records for dental clinics


      Replicate the flexibility and usability of handwritten medical records. Reduce work stress.

    • Receipt checking support solution

      veteran collaboration Plus

      Combine high-speed digital processing with easy-to-read analog interface.

Preventive Health Solutions

  • Health management solution

    WellsPort Step

    Provide detailed and efficient support for health guidance to health insurance association members (i.e., corporate employees) and seek to help improve the health of lifestyle habits for approximately 100,000 people each year.

Digital Health Solutions

  • Telemedicine solution

    Teladoc HEALTH

    Teladoc HEALTH, a virtual care device that supports team medical care.

* In-house research

Healthcare IT Solutions Division

Healthcare IT Solutions Division

The healthcare IT market in Japan is expected to grow steadily at 2% annually. The penetration rate of electronic medical records is still less than 50%. Traditionally, on-premises products have been the mainstream, but demand for cloud-based products and services is expected to increase in the future.
In addition, the government of Japan is currently promoting policies to drive the digital transformation of healthcare, such as the introduction of the online eligibility verification system using the My Number card insurance card system and the introduction of electronic prescriptions. Wemex has already introduced an online eligibility verification system for more than 35,000 facilities, which is approximately 27%*1 of the facilities that have started operation.
Additionally, the market that utilizes medical data is expanding, with double-digit annual growth expected in areas such as health management and data analysis.
We offer a variety of products and services that contribute to operational efficiency and digitalization in clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies in Japan, leveraging our strengths in responding quickly to policies and advancing related product development. We have a strong foundation of responding to medical policy trends in Japan, such as the introduction of the online eligibility verification system in fiscal 2022, the introduction of electronic prescriptions from fiscal 2023 onward, and efforts to achieve a 100% electronic medical record penetration rate by 2030 with the standardization of electronic medical records. Additionally, in April 2023, we acquired the electronic medical record and medical receipt related business from FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems. With an eye toward inorganic growth, we will continue to accelerate business growth by expanding our high-value-added product lineup and customer base.
We will continue to enhance our cloud services. By connecting AirWAIT®*2, an online order reception system, with Wemex’s medical-receipt computer, users can streamline waiting time management at clinics, and use a cloud service called “digicare analytics” to visualize and analyze pharmacy management, such as daily sales and visitors. We will continue to connect medical-receipt computers and electronic medication history systems with various cloud services to provide solutions for streamlining the management and operation of clinics and pharmacies.
We also approach our medical data business from a range of perspectives. In addition to promoting health management for corporate employees through analysis of medical examination data and specific health guidance, we are also working to address issues in the healthcare industry, such as improving the cost-effectiveness of medical expenses by analyzing medical data. Additionally, we will use the power of digital technology to create new value by providing an online telemedicine system that connects doctors with patients in remote locations.

* Wemex provided support for 35,000 installations out of 126,771 hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacies excluding dental facilities.

* Airweight and AirWAIT are trademarks or registered trademarks of Recruit Co., Ltd.