Integrated Report 2023

PHC Group Overview and VisionPHC Group History

Since the establishment of our business in Japan in 1969, PHC Group has supported healthcare professionals and researchers at various stages of the healthcare journey. By providing high-quality products and services in the fields of diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare IT, and life sciences, PHC Group has grown into a global collection of healthcare companies. We will continue to provide best-in-class solutions through our businesses and contribute to addressing research and medical issues around the world.

Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics image

At the time of its founding, Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics manufactured products such as miniature light bulbs for flashlights and household light bulbs. Later, the company expanded its business into household appliances such as infrared-heating kotatsu tables, videocassette recorders, and digital video cameras, as well as precision electrical products such as hard disk drives.
Today, PHC Group companies manufacture healthcare products. While our business has evolved in response to market changes, the manufacturing know-how and focus on precision that we cultivated throughout our history is firmly retained in PHC Group’s DNA.