Medical Device & Drug Delivery

We develop and produce precision medical devices that help with early detection and ongoing monitoring of diseases, such as diabetes and asthma, and drug delivery systems that support effective medical treatment. Our In Vitro Diagnostics Business began in 1991 as part of the Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Co., Ltd. with the development and manufacture of blood glucose monitoring systems. By leveraging our accumulated technological capabilities, we are committed to developing and manufacturing a wide range of high quality medical devices for our customers.


Partnering (Design, Development and Contract Manufacturing)

Contract development and manufacturing services for medical devices (ISO 13485)

We have enhanced technological and manufacturing capabilities that enable us to provide the highest quality contract development and manufacturing of medical devices such as drug delivery devices, in vitro diagnostic devices and sensors.

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Drug Delivery Systems

Digital Injectors

We develop and manufacture a range of Cartridge type and Syringe type Injectors for drug delivery. These injectors have various key features, including the ability to record injection histories, guidance and reminders via LCD screen messages and built-in temperature sensors.

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Digital Health

Medication Management Applications

PHC has developed a medication management smartphone app, Melon Nikki, which supports the digital injector for growth hormone therapy. This application was developed in collaboration with JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.. It is designed to help improve medication adherence among patients using growth hormone therapy and has been available since October 2020.

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