Gunma Site

FY2019 : From 1. April 2019 to 31. March 2020

Main Activities in FY2019

Goals Results
CO2 emissions below 3,681 tons, production emission intensity below 28.1 tons CO2/ hundred million yen to help prevent global warming Accomplished the goal, with CO2 emission at 3,273 tons, and production emission intensity at 27.0
Recycling rate of waste and valuables over 99.9% Accomplished the goal with 100% recycling rate by complete sorting of waste. Also conducted an on-site inspection of the industrial waste disposal plant.
Promote local environmental activities Participated in periodical cleanup campaigns near the plant

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

Energy Saving Activities

■Improvement Measures
Fluorescent lightings in the plant were replaceed with LED

Reduction Performance

CO2 Reduction: 2.60 tons CO2/year
Cash savings: 138 thousand yen/year

■Improvement Measures
The existing chiller was replaced with an inverter type to save energy.

Improvement detail Reduction Effect
Power consumption 12.9 kwh/year
Environmental load 5.3 tons CO2/year
Electricity cost 285 thousand yen/year

Environmental Communication

Cleanup Activities Around the Plant

Clean‐up campaign around the factory

Employees regularly take part in cleanup activities along the roads near the plant with consideration to the residents in the neighborhood.
Date: Basically on the 25th each month

Oizumi Town Road Protection Spring Campaign

Oizumi Town Road Protection Spring Campaign

Employees also participate in cleanup activities by the local government.
Date: Basically once every six months

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Concept and Drill Program

For facilities specified through environmental impact assessment, emergency drills are regularly conducted by the relevant sections based on the handling procedures. Though these drills, the procedures are reviewed for any revisions required.

Emergency preparedness and response

Gunma Site CO2 Emissions

Gunma Site CO2 Emissions

Gunma Site Waste & Valuables Amount

Gunma Site Waste & Valuables Amount