Gunma Site

FY2022: April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023

Initiatives Related to the Priority Environmental Themes

Goals Results
Reduce CO2 emissions below 3547.2 tons and emission intensity per production below 26.15 tons CO2/hundred million yen as a measure to prevent global warming The actual CO2 emissions were well above the goal at 3199.5 tons, while emission intensity per production achieved the goal at 19.10 ton – CO2/hundred million yen
Achieve a recycling rate of over 98.0% of discharged materials The goal of a 99.76% recycling rate (maintenance and management) was achieved through strict sorting of discharged materials. In addition, we conducted on-site inspection of the industrial waste disposal plant
Promote local environmental activities Canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic in FY2022

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

Details of Improvements

Details of Efforts Annual CO2 Reduction
1. Air conditioning temperature control (Recommended temperature setting Summer: 26°C Winter: 22°C)
 1-1 Posting the recommended temperature in the area under the responsibility of Indirect Division
 1-2 Energy-saving monitoring every Friday
47.73t - CO2 /Yr
2. Decompression of air compressor during long vacation periods
 (From 0.65MPa to 0.45MPa)
3.68t - CO2 /Yr
3. Changed the outdoor air conditioners to inverters in the labs of the technical Department(5 rooms) 24.60t - CO2 /Yr

Reduction effect: 76.0t - CO2 /Yr.

Environmental Communication

Cleanup Activities Around the Plant

Clean‐up campaign around the factory

PHC Corporation Gunma site participates in onsite clean up campains with the Panasonic Oizumi site. Employees regularly clean the area around the buildings.
Event Date: Once every 2 months as a rule

Oizumi Town Road Protection Spring Campaign

Road Side Cleaning Campaign in Oizumi Town

Employees also participate in cleanup activities that are organized by the town.
Date: Once every six months as a rule
The photo was taken in 2019.

Canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic from FY2020 to FY2022.

Preparing and How to Respond for Emergencies

Concept and Drill Program

Emergency preparedness and response

Facilities specified in environmental impact assesment regularly conduct emergency drills with the relevant teams based on the handling procedures. Through these drills, the procedures are reviewed for any needed revisions.

CO2 Emissions in Gunma Site

Gunma Site CO2 Emissions

Amount of Wastes & Valuables in Gunma Site

Amount of Wastes & Valuables in Gunma Site