Matsuyama Site

FY2020 : From 1. April 2020 to 31. March 2021

Main Activities in FY2020

Goals Result
CO2 emissions below 6,350.0 tons to prevent global warming Accomplished the goal, with CO2 emission at 5,922.6 tons by installing high-efficiency equipment to reduce power consumption
Conducting on-site patrols to check chemical substance usage process Confirmed and improved management conditions using the specified check sheet in line with the on-site confirmation schedule
Participate in local environmental activities Held the annual 530 (Gomi Zero = no waste) campaign.
Participated in Ai (love) River Supporter cleaning activity.

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

Energy Saving Activities

■Improvement Measures
By introducing highly efficient equipment we reduced the amount of power usage.

Reduction Effect CO2 Reduction
Replaced air conditioner (Technology Building) 15.70 tons CO2/year
Equipment update (Manufacturing process) 6.16tons CO2/year
Replaced lighting with LED in No.3 building (number : 469) 6.08 tons CO2/year
Other countermeasures 0.19 tons CO2/year

Total CO2 Reduction 28.1 tons CO2/ year

Environmental Communication

Group photo of the day

Group photo of the day
(Before the start)

530 (Gomi-zero) Campaign

530 (Gomi-zero) Campaign

Held a cleanup along 3 km of a road near the Matsuyama Site.

Date: October 31, 2020

Ai (love) River Supporter Cleaning Activity

Ai (love) River Supporter Cleaning Activity

Ai (love) River Supporter Cleaning Activity

Held cleanup and mowing activities along the east bank of Shigenobu River..

Date: : October 31, 2020

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Concept and Drill Program

By conducting an environmental assessment and evaluating the chemical substances and facilities each year, we specify substances and facilities with potential environmental impact. We perform an emergency drill once a year to be prepared for leakage accidents. Through this drill, we also review handling procedures, prevention measures such as facilities and equipment, and reduction measures, and consider whether they need to be revised.

Emergency preparedness and response

Emergency preparedness and response

Matsuyama Site CO2 Emissions

Energy use amount

Matsuyama Site Waste & Valuables Amount

Matsuyama Site Waste & Valuables Amount