Matsuyama Site

FY2021: April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022

Initiatives Related to the Priority Environmental Themes

Goals Results
Reduce CO2 emissions below 6,263.6 tons as a measure to prevent global warming Achieved in reducing CO2 emissions to 6,190.4 tons by reducing power consumption, including the installation of high-efficiency equipment
Conduct on-site inspections regarding the use of in-process chemical substances Confirmed and improved the management status of chemical substances using designated check sheets
Participate in local environmental activities Held the annual 530 (Gomi Zero = no waste) campaign
Participated in Ai (love) River Support cleanup activity

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

Energy Saving Activities

■Improvement Initiatives
Reduced the amount of power usage by installing high-efficiency equipment.

Details of Initiatives Annual CO2 Reduction
Employed energy-saving components in the installation of the Environmental Experiment Chambers 24.60 t-CO2/Yr
Replaced the lightings in Building No.3 with LEDs
(Number of units: 739)
21.79 t-CO2/Yr
Replaced air conditioning system in Engineering Building
(4 compressor units and 48 evaporator units)
6.01 t-CO2/Yr
Replaced the lightings in Welfare Building with LEDs
(Number of units: 184)
2.51 t-CO2/Yr
Other reduction measures 0.17 t-CO2/Yr

Total CO2 Reduction: 55.08 t-CO2/Yr

Examples of Environmental Communication

Group photo of the day

Group photo of the day
(Before the start)

530 (Gomi Zero = no waste) Campaign

530 (Gomi-zero) Campaign

Held a cleanup along 3 km of a road near the Matsuyama Site.

Date: October 30, 2021

Ai (love) River Support Cleanup Activity

Ai (love) River Supporter Cleaning Activity

Ai (love) River Supporter Cleaning Activity

Held cleanup and mowing activities along the east bank of Shigenobu River.

Date: October 30, 2021

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Concept and Drill Program

Each year, we conduct an environmental impact assessment to evaluate the substances and equipment we use and process, thereby identifying potential adverse effects on the environment. We also perform an annual emergency mock drill to ensure preparation for a leakage accident. In addition, through this drill, we review our handling procedures, protective facilities and equipment, and other preventive and mitigating measures to determine whether they need to be revised.

Emergency preparedness and response

Emergency preparedness and response

CO2 Emissions in Matsuyama Site

Energy use amount

Amount of Wastes & Valuables in Matsuyama Site

Amount of Wastes & Valuables in Matsuyama Site