PT PHC Indonesia

FY2021 :April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022

Initiatives Related to the Priority Environmental Themes

Goals Results
Reduce CO2 emissions by over 3.5% from the FY2020 level Achieved the goal with a 6.35% reduction
Reduce industrial water consumption per production output by 5% from the FY2020 level Achieved the goal with a 6.4% reduction
Ensure 100% compliance with environmental laws and regulations Achieved the goal by complying with all applicable laws and regulations

Environmental Policy


PT PHC Indonesia (hereafter PHCI) places the highest priority on ensuring our employee’s health and safety in all of our business activities. In addition, we are fully aware of our corporate social responsibility in protecting the global environment. We will continue to promote realizing the harmony between the health and safety of our employees, the preservation of the environment, and our business management.

All our employees are highly conscious of the importance of maintaining health and safety as well as ensuring environmental sustainability, and are committed to doing so in daily practice.


PHCI, a manufacturer of medical devices and other electronic components, recognizes its corporate social responsibility to contribute to zero accident, creating a comfortable workplace, and realizing a sustainable global environment. We will continue to promote occupational health and safety (K3) as well as environmental activities.

PHCI will make the following efforts:

  1. Maintain a safe and comfortable work environment to prevent injuries and health hazards in business activities.
  2. Conduct global environmental protection activities, prevent pollution and conserve the use of natural resources.
  3. Establish and maintain occupational health, safety and environmental management system referring to ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015, and make continual improvement.
  4. Comply to all laws and regulations related to health, occupational safety and health, and the environment, as well as any other requirements applicable to the company.
  5. Evaluate risks to health, occupational health and safety, and the environment, and implement initiatives to reduce them.
  6. Set the objectives and goals for realizing occupational health and safety and environmental policies and review them periodically.
  7. Educate our employees to increase their awareness of and responsiveness to the health, safety, and environmental obligations they are responsible for.
  8. Our management team shall discuss matters with the employees or its’ representative.

This policy shall be shared and familiarized with all employees at PHCI and will be distributed to our stakeholders.

Aiming to Reduction of Environmental Impact

Reducing energy consumption is one of our major environmental activities. To minimize our impact on the environment, we are committed to promoting activities to reduce energy consumption, particularly electricity. In FY2021, we replaced some air conditioners and a compressor from the conventional type to inverters.

Compressor inverter type

Compressor with inverter-type unit
(This compressor can reduce electricity consumption
in PHCI approx. 225,000 kWh/Yr.)

Environmental Communication

Environmental Performance Data Report

Reporting of Environmental Performance Data image

Communication to external parties is done by reporting our environmental performance data to the regulatory agency. As a part of our regulatory compliance activity, the reports are submitted twice a year.

The report describes the quality of ventilation emissions, quality of wastewater, noise levels, quantity of industrial waste, and the management system for these parameters.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Concept and Drill Program

Each year we review our emergency preparedness and response plan. In addition to facility improvements, we regularly conduct emergency response drills to raise employee awareness of emergency preparedness and response. With COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended activities with large groups of employees, such as evacuation drills for all employees. Among the emergency response facilities, the piping for the fire hydrant system required improvement and was replaced with new piping. The fire hydrant was installed more than 25 years ago, some of the piping was rusted and leaking. To ensure easy detection of leaks from the hydrant system, we relocated the system itself from the basement to the ground level.

Spill Response Drill

Spill Response Drill

PHCI CO2 Emissions

PHCI CO2 Emissions

Amount of Wastes & Valuables in PHCI

Amount of Wastes & Valuables in PHCI