• Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

    With the incidence of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases on the rise, early diagnosis and effective response are more important than ever. Our user-friendly testing and analysis devices make it easy for patients and healthcare providers worldwide to accurately monitor and treat these conditions.

  • Healthcare IT

    Healthcare IT

    The demand for healthcare IT has been growing aiming at promoting integration of community healthcare as well as improving the quality of healthcare through healthcare data utilization.
    We launched Japan's first medical-receipt computer in 1972. Through leveraging accumulated experience and knowledge, we are committed to providing leading-edge healthcare IT solutions for hospitals / clinics and pharmacies.

  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

    Since 1966, when we launched Japan’s first pharmaceutical refrigerator, aiming to support cutting-edge research in life sciences, we have provided equipment and services required for sample preservation and bacterial / cell culture as well as maintenance of cleanroom environments. Also, we are offering solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare and long-term care services by providing pharmaceutical dispensing and food catering equipment, contributing to the wellbeing of society.