PHC GROUPPHC Holdings Corporation

Products & Services

Diabetes Management

ASCENSIA Diabetes Care

With cases of diabetes on the rise every year, early diagnosis as well as effective treatment are more important than ever. Together with Ascensia Diabetes Care, a group company that has been marketing PHC products around the world for over two decades, we provide high-precision and user-friendly blood glucose monitoring systems and data linkage solutions that patients can use safely.

PHC 診断薬事業部

By developing and manufacturing blood glucose monitoring (BGM) systems and other testing/analysis devices, we will contribute to improving the quality of life for people around the world. With our accumulated strength in technology, manufacturing, and quality, we will develop, manufacture, and offer healthcare equipment to our partners.

Healthcare Solutions

LSI Medience Corporation

In the testing and analysis area of healthcare, we utilize our years of expertise and cutting-edge technology across clinical testing, diagnostic reagents, and drug development support businesses. Through medical science, we seek to contribute to the creation of a healthy and secure society.


Since launching the first medical-receipt computer in 1972, we have been providing healthcare IT products and services, including “Medicom” brand electronic medical record systems. We strive to improve healthcare services for patients and workflows for healthcare professionals, through solutions that drive digital transformation in healthcare.

Diagnostics & Life Sciences


With the rise in cancer cases, the importance of early diagnosis testing is increasing.
By providing comprehensive anatomical pathology solutions such as instruments, microscope slides, and dyeing reagents, we help to improve workflow efficiency from specimen collection to diagnosis, for safer, quicker, and accurate diagnosis of cancer.
Through a high-quality and varied product line-up that meets the needs of healthcare professionals, we support patients to lead a better life.


Since launching the pharmaceutical refrigerator in 1966, we have supported cutting-edge research and development of next-generation healthcare by providing equipment and services for various sample preservation and cell culture in the life sciences field.
We are also contributing to the health of society by offering drug dispensing and food catering solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare and nursing-care services.