Cell Production Incubator


For Cell Growth Production and Culture-Based Biological Therapeutics

The MCO-80ICL-PA provides a state-of-the-art environment enhancing cell growth and yield, while mitigating external threats that contribute to cell contamination, stress and cell lysis.

Cell Culture Equipment and Incubators

MCO-80ICL-PA shown with cell culture stacks, sold separately.
The PHCbi cell production incubator includes unique features designed to encourage reproducibility and to mitigate contamination that can stress or destroy cells. This reach-in incubator maintains accurate temperature and CO2 control, and permits multiple humidification levels for preservation of culture media.

Precision Environmental Control

Cells require uniform, stable, warm, humid, and stress-free environment for healthy growth. The PHCbi large capacity cell production incubator is designed to maintain accurate temperature, humidity and pH throughout the chamber.

Uniform Airflow

  • The cross-shelf horizontal laminar airflow system provides uniform temperature and humidity throughout the chamber even when at total capacity.
  • Airflow is automatically suspended when the door is opened to minimize airborne contamination and maintain set conditions.
  • Side plenum walls are perforated in an engineered pattern to create positive, evenly distributed airflow essential to quick recovery after door openings.
  • Engineered plenum airflow supply cannot be blocked.


  • Double pane, gas insulated front door panel provides insulation while maintaining optical clarity.
  • Inner individual shelf doors are optional to provide additional cabinet isolation for applications requiring routine door openings.


  • Three humidity levels: off, low (80%), and high (90%) reduce media desiccation and offsets impact of motorized roller stacks, shakers and other contained equipment.
  • 20L reservoir maintains internal supply at >5L with optional auto-refill.
  • Water refill gradually administered to maintain internal temperature without disruption.
  • Water refill feature automatically paused when front door is opened.
  • Water level sensor keeps reservoir >5L.


  • Precision infrared CO2 sensor maintains pH level through real-time gas control over setpoint range of 0 to 20%.
  • Infrared sensors are not affected by temperature or humidity like thermal conductivity detectors.
  • Real-time Infrared sensors fastest, most accurate way to get incubator back to original conditions without overshoot.
  • Real-time independent monitoring optimizes CO2 consumption.
When operating at a typical CO2 setpoint of 5%, the MCO-80ICL-PA will restore CO2 concentration to setpoint with an injection of up to 42 liters in a matter of minutes. The infrared CO2 sensor calculates remaining CO2 after door open and restores without overshoot.

Clean, Anti-Microbial Surroundings

Cells are susceptible to contamination which can diminish production yield. Once contamination appears in an incubator it is very difficult to eliminate, therefore prevention is essential. The MCO-80ICL-PA incorporates active and passive decontamination to mitigate contamination and uncontrolled colony growth.

Passive Surface Decontamination

  • The interior of the incubator is constructed of a copper-stainless steel amalgam, combining the structural durability and anti-oxidative properties of stainless steel with the anti-microbial properties of copper for a clean, strong, surface that eliminates rogue incubations.

Active Atmospheric Decontamination

  • Incorporated SafeCell™ UV lamp continually decontaminates the humidity source water.
  • Airborne contaminants introduced during door openings destroyed as they pass over the humidity reservoir.
  • Airborne contaminants are eliminated by an automatic UV cycle that activates for a specified period after each door opening.
  • Incubator contents protected against UV exposure from lamp located safely below the interior base.

Microprocessor Control

All incubator functions are managed by a fully integrated microprocessor controller.
  • User-Defined setpoints
  • Deviation Alarms
  • Independent LED displays for CO2 and Temperature
  • Remote alarms incorporate into Building Management Systems

Efficient Cabinet Design

The MCO-80ICL-PA is a space-saving incubator sized to reduce laboratory footprint while maximizing storage volume.
  • Robust construction accommodates added weight when large stacks, agitators or shakers are used.
  • Available in a standard three or four-shelf interiors. Custom configurations available where flexibility for stacked geometries are needed.
  • Shelf weight rated up of 150 lbs.
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