Imaging and Analysis System for 3D Cell Cultures

The Unique Cell3iMager Technology

The Unique Cell3iMager Technology

The Cell3iMager series instruments are imaging systems that capture and analyze 2D and 3D cultured cells at high-speed using SCREEN’s unique optical system and image processing technology.
Deep learning analysis allows high-confluence and non-uniform organoid images to be accurately extracted and measured. Detection of cells by their degree of differentiation and cell morphology is enabled with the Deep learning software.

Key Features

Cell3iMager NX

High-throughput Imager for Quantitative Analysis cells cultured in 2D and 3D environment
Cell3iMager NX

  • High-definition stitching with advanced image processing technology
  • Data integrity support, including audit trails
  • Multicolor Fluorescence imaging
  • All-in-focus images optimal for 3D cultured cell analysis can be acquired
  • Deep Learning for Organoid Extraction and Shape Measurement
  • Plate incubation function
  • Equipped with a variety of lenses for diverse samples
Cell3iMager duos2

High Throughput Model
Cell3iMager duos2

  • High-speed whole-well imaging for 96-wells in 1 minute
  • Acquire high-quality images near edges of wells
  • Moveable optical pathway optimized for preparations which are sensitive to mechanical stage movement
  • Automatic production of “omni-focal” z-stack images
  • Multicolor fluorescence imaging
  • Deep learning-assisted, automatic analysis
  • Variety of software plug-in options
  • SBS-micro well plate, culture dish, etc.
Cell3iMager Estier

Infrared Laser Tomography
Cell3iMager Estier

  • Non-invasive deep tissue imaging
  • No markers, No reagents, contamination-free
  • Time-lapse observation with optional stage top incubator available
  • Allows differentiation of samples by detecting the image contrast originating from variances in the sample’s physical density
  • Automatic production of “omni-focal” z-stack images
  • Deep learning-assisted, automatic analysis
  • Variety of software plug-in options
  • SBS-micro well plate, culture dish, etc.
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High-throughput Model
Cell3iMager NX

  • Multiplex assays: LIVE/DEAD Cytotoxicity
  • Single Cell Cloning
  • Cell Migration (Scratch Assay)
  • 3D Organoid/Spheroid Morphology
  • Drug Screening 2D & 3D Cell Based Drug Efficacy
  • Drug Activity and Profiling (2D & 3D Spheroid)
  • Growth Rate Monitoring (2D & 3D Spheroid Assays)
  • "Hybridoma Cell culture"
  • Cell Body/Neurite Analysis
  • Evaluation of Anti-Angiogenics
  • Apoptosis Assays
  • Hepatotoxicity Assay
  • "Embryoid Body Morphology"

High Throughput Model
Cell3iMager duos2

  • 2D cell based cell based assays
  • Drug screening (testing library of compounds)
  • Live and label free cell imaging
  • Neurite outgrowth
  • Clonal selection, hybridomas
  • 3D in vitro: drug screening, tumor spheroid-based efficacy
  • Toxicity measurement

Infrared Laser Tomography
Cell3iMager Estier

  • Expansion of 3D culture aiming at mimicking in vivo conditions
  • Non-invasive analysis of the 3D structures including
    microvessels/tubular structures tissues, spheroids and organoids
  • Non-invasive deep tissue imaging
  • Drug efficacy
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Quality control

School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University of Belfast

“Our group primarily studies the therapeutic potential of novel drug/nanoparticle radiation interactions for cancer treatment. Studies in 3-dimensional cancer models – spheroids, provide a more accurate simulation of tumor growth than traditional 2D monolayer experiments. Previously, spheroid quantification has proven exceptionally time consuming and labor intensive. However, the SCREEN Cell3imager Neo CC-3000 has revolutionized our spheroid capabilities. The imager provides high-throughput geometrical measurements of area, optical density and pseudo volume, in less than 1 minute acquisition time for a 96 well plate. The imager also provides high quality publication standard images and exports all quantitative data in a simple to use Excel report. Recent updates to the software ensure smooth operation, and Hiroki and all the team at SCREEN could not be more helpful in regard to minor trouble shooting.”


Spring Point Project, New Richmond, WI

“We have used Cell3iMager NEO CC-3000 for two years, and have been very pleased with the ease of use and reliability of the hardware. The software meets our current requirements, and the support is always there when we need it. We look forward to continuing relationship with SCREEN’s development and support teams, and enhanced regulatory compliance capabilities of the software.”

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    Cell3iMager duos2

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    Cell3iMager Estier


Cell3iMager NX

High-definition stitching with advanced image processing technology Accurate single-cell cloning analysis
  • Accurately analyze complex brightfield analysis such as organoids
All-in-focus images optimal for 3D cultured cell analysis can be acquired
  • Multiple images are captured while varying the focus in the Z direction and combined into a single image
  • Supports various SBS plate formats such as F-bottom, V-bottom, U-bottom, etc.

High throughput model | Cell3iMager duos2

  • Less meniscus and clear imaging even at the peripheral area
  • Unique hyper-centric and tele-centric optical systems enables high-resolution imaging of whole well including the marginal area of well
  • Lens have 2 resolution which has 0.8um/pix and 4um/pix
  • Equipped with a high accuracy extraction algorithm allowing cell visiualiziation shortly after imaging
3D cellular imaging
  • Equipped with a proprietary lens with a deep depth of field suitable for 3D cultured cell imaging and illumination
  • Z-stacking imaging and focus composition functions
  • Compatible with F-bottom, V-bottom, U-bottom, various SBS formats and microwell plates as standard
  • Functional specialty plates such as plates for 3D culture, Corning® Elplasia® (Corning Japan) and EZSPHERE (AGC Techno Glass Co., Ltd.) are also compatible
Meniscus-less 3D cellular imaging

Infrared Laser Tomography | Cell3iMager Estier

3D morphological analyses for cultures / internal structures with OCT

The Cell3iMager Estier supports use of OCT technique which acquires a live cell or organism tomogram without damage by use of feeble near-infrared light. Researchers can capture a 3D image safely and in real time without the obstacles of the living body as the Cell3iMager Estier is used.

Time-lapse observation by non-invasive and label-free analysis
  • Real time observation from spheroid formation to collapse after addition of anti-cancer drug
  • Detailed observation for 3D structure of spheroids that conventional microscopes cannot recognize
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The Cell3iMager series are manufactured by SCREEN Holdings Co.,Ltd. and marketed in North America by PHC Corporation of North America, a subsidiary of PHC Corporation in Japan.

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