PHCbi is a leader in the laboratory and life science equipment industry through the quality of our products and the skill of our extended service team. We deliver validation and product services through an extensive network of service experts throughout the nation. Our service partners are trained regularly by experts from PHCbi to ensure quality is maintained.

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Man inspecting the VIP ECO ultra-low temperature freezer

We help you to protect your results!

Years of experience have taught us what is important to support your work. We have developed a series of standard packages that provide excellent service against any reasonable budget. There are also possibilities to tailor a maintenance plan for every customer need.

TwinGuard ultra-low freezer in a laboratory

In addition to our technical specialists’ extensive experience with PHCbi brand products, we have experience in maintaining other brands from maintenance in the warranty period, to all-inclusive contracts with multiple visits per year. We help you stay ahead of possible problems by keeping your equipment in excellent condition. During preventative maintenance, the equipment is thoroughly inspected according to manufacturing specifications and recommendations.

PHCbi Laboratory Products

As a leader in environmentally controlled products, PHCbi offers a full line of laboratory equipment designed for use in the life science market. Our level of standards for product safety, reliability and high performance are well known in the industry. Self-diagnostics, included on our products, permit authorized service technicians to determine how and when service calls are required. Because our products are sold and serviced worldwide, products acquired in one country under grant or facility-sharing programs are easily supported if moved to facilities in the next city or around the world. Choosing PHCbi brand as an equipment and validation service provider can greatly reduce the time and cost of equipment compliance verification. We also offer training to selected facility biomedical engineers and service staff authorized in warranty and post-warranty repairs.