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Live Cell Metabolic Analyzer

PHCbi Live Cell Metabolic Analyzer

Continuous, sampling-free measurement of glucose and lactate in culture medium.
Visualize real-time changes in cell metabolism.1

Cells are constantly growing and differentiating, and these processes are known to be closely linked to metabolism.
In the field of cancer immunology, stem cell research, and the development of manufacturing processes for cell-based formulations, understanding the metabolic state of cells is a factor of ever-growing importance in the analysis of cell activation and disease.
Continuous analysis of cell metabolism offers the ability to visualize the state of cells in real time, creating opportunities for unprecedented new discoveries in cell metabolism.
The PHCbi brand live cell metabolic analyzer is being designed to open new doors to those discoveries.

  • Cancer research
  • Immunology research
  • Stem cell research
1 Expected performance capabilities/features.

In-line sensors: the key to continuous measurements of glucose and lactate

The glycolytic pathway is one of the main components of cellular energy metabolism. During glycolysis, glucose is taken up into cells and lactate is produced. Conventional analysis of cell metabolism typically involves estimating glucose and lactate concentrations from data points obtained from periodic sampling. With its unique high-precision in-line sensors, the PHCbi brand live cell metabolic analyzer is being designed to offer these unique advantages:

  • real-time monitoring of glucose and lactate concentrations
  • continuous measurements
  • no sampling of the culture medium and use of the same cells for separate evaluation after measurement

Measure cells in their usual culture environment

The simple design of the PHCbi brand live cell metabolic analyzer is intended to make it suitable for any laboratory space. Plus, it is being designed to not require specialized cell culture equipment. Common commercial products (culture medium, 24-well plates, calibration liquid, additive reagents) can be used for cell culture. The sensor module and plate adaptor are being designed to be attached to a standard 24-well plate. Once the plate is placed in the detector pre-installed in the CO2 incubator, it is intended that real-time measurements can be checked easily using the touch-panel controller. Optional plate adapters for five different commercial 24-well plates are being designed to be available.

Real-Time Cell Metabolism Measurement

Evaluate glycolytic changes directly

Changes in the glycolytic pathway are intended to be evaluated directly by measuring the culture medium concentrations of glucose taken up by cells and lactate produced. With the PHCbi live cell metabolic analyzer, it is intended that the state of cell metabolism may be visualized as the rate of metabolic change using the consumption rate and production rate based on concentration values. Monitoring the efficiency of conversion from glucose to lactate makes it possible to evaluate not only glycolysis, but also changes in the balance with other cellular metabolic processes, such as oxidative phosphorylation.

Evaluate Glucose Concentrations


Product summary Items monitored Glucose, lactate (simultaneous continuous measurement of both items)
Main device components Controller, Detector, Plate adapter (optional product)
Main consumables Sensor module (single use)
Compatible plates 24-well plate
*Compatible with 5 commercial products
Monitoring duration Maximum 10 days
Measurement range Glucose: up to 27 mM (up to 4.9 g/L)
Lactate: up to 15 mM (up to 1.4 g/L)
Detector External dimensions Width 162 mm × Depth 280 mm × Height 118 mm
Installation Inside CO2 incubator
Controller External dimensions Width 380 mm × Depth 272 mm × Height 373 mm
Screen 12.1-inch-wide touch panel display
Extendibility Wired connectivity for up to 4 detectors

*Product currently under development. Specifications of the final product may differ.
*For research purposes only.

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Cell Metabolism Analysis

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