Take the Quality of Your Food and Beverage Testing to the Next Level


MIR and MLR Heated and Cooled Incubators

PHCbi brand offers a selection of products designed to facilitate the stringent demands of food and beverage testing, including accelerated shelf-life testing, assessing oxidative processes, evaluating light stability or humidity susceptibility, or optimizing packaging decisions.
PHCbi brand temperature-controlled incubator and humidified growth chamber models are designed for the precision and accuracy needed in the food and beverage industry.
Performance and Flexibility
PHCbi brand heated and cooled microbiological incubators have a broader experimental temperature range, allowing hundreds of potential parameters to be utilized with a "hands-off" automated workflow.
Wide temperature range:
-10°C to +60°C suitable for multiple applications
PID heater control delivers the precision:
Temperature fluctuation of only +0.2°C
Easy to set controller:
Program as many as 10 multi-step protocols with up to 12 steps per program
Schedule in advance:
Testing can continue over the weekend or overnight
Plant, algae, and insect studies:
Two levels of illumination can be programmed to turn off and on as your research requires
Convenience and Ease of Use
Easy to reach keypad and LCD display
Maximize the use of your lab's layout:
Select models offer reversible door-swing and stackable options
Simple cleaning:
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior
Facilitate long timed range experiments:
Select models include a condensation pan pipe outlet
PHCbi brand heated and cooled incubators are designed for convenient use so you can focus on testing and outcomes.
The PHCbi brand growth chamber includes intuitive programmable functions, microprocessor design, data logging capability, calibration, and a humidity sensor with more control over environmental conditions.
MIR Series Heated and Cooled Incubators
PHCbi brand laboratory incubators are designed to ensure reproducible environments that mimic real-world conditions. Our laboratory incubators allow for precise control of temperature, a low humidity setting and lighting protocols - making them ideal for microbiology testing and research, food and cosmetic shelf life testing, and municipal wastewater testing, plant cell culturing and more.
MLR Humidified Plant Growth Chamber
As a crucial piece of laboratory equipment, the PHCbi brand humidified growth chamber is designed to ensure reproducible chamber conditions. The MLR series humidified growth chamber is designed to accurately reproduce and control an array of temperature, humidity, and lighting patterns - making it ideal for testing light sensitivity, packaging efficacy against humidity, accelerated shelf-life testing, plant cell culturing, and more.
In The Field
PHCbi brand heated and cooled incubators have been utilized across a range of food and beverage testing experiments. Take a look and see their results.
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