MPR-S300H-PA ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

August 5, 2020
PHC Corporation of North America

Wood Dale, IL, August 5, 2020 – PHC Corporation of North America has introduced a new, high performance pharmaceutical refrigerator designed for vaccine and biologics storage where precise temperature control is essential for stored product safety.

The MPR-S300H-PA ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator has a space-saving cabinet which includes engineering and ergonomic design features that minimize energy consumption, simplify access to product and maximize use of available floor space in crowded clinics, labs and hallways.

The refrigerator is based on an innovative refrigeration platform using a variable speed inverter compressor with natural hydrocarbon refrigerants. This platform provides more efficient cooling on demand, fast temperature recovery following frequent door openings, tolerance for high ambient conditions and broad-spectrum voltage fluctuations during power grid brown-outs.

The combination of cabinet design, refrigeration platform and microprocessor controls provide a series of key benefits: product preservation, environmental compliance, practical inventory management and ready access to performance data.

  • • An open wire shelf configuration (with optional sliding drawers) is designed to permit positive airflow throughout the interior for precise temperature uniformity. Stand-offs from side and rear walls prevent restriction of air circulation even when the cabinet is fully loaded.
  • • The multi-pane sliding glass door offers easy access without the need for door swing clearance and reduces air transfer during opening.
  • • Integrated sensors monitor evaporator coil temperature and automatically remove ice from coils as needed.

The MPR-S300H-PA ECO, designed for vaccine and biologics storage with a sliding door configuration to afford easy access while maintaining stable internal temperatures throughout the chamber, is suitable for the most demanding temperature sensitive applications where frequent product access is required.