Global Demand Calls for Wider Temperature Ranges in Cold Chain Storage for New COVID-19 Vaccines and Biologics

September 17, 2020
PHC Corporation of North America

PHCbi Brand Model Selection Matches Evolving Storage Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccines and Other Pharmaceuticals

Solutions for the Cold Chain Spectrum
New vaccines are emerging in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early evidence suggests novel vaccine storage temperatures may require a wider range of the cold chain spectrum. Some vaccines may require multiple temperature storage points prior to administration.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a guide intended to offer best practices for managing the expected demand for distribution of new, as well as seasonal, vaccines. Specifically, Section Three, Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, outlines guidelines for storage and performance requirements for refrigerators and freezers1.

Proposed vaccine storage temperatures are based on initial data from various sources in the public domain at time of publication. Actual storage temperatures will be approved by the FDA and regulated by the CDC. Government agencies and individual vaccine manufacturers will specify required product storage temperatures.

The portfolio of PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators and biomedical freezers has expanded to offer an even more comprehensive selection of storage solutions for high-value vaccines and other biologics. Recently added to the portfolio, the MPR-S300H-PA pharmaceutical refrigerator, featuring a sliding glass door configuration, is designed to meet CDC requirements for vaccine and biologics storage and uses natural refrigerants. Additionally, the new TSU-4RW-N6 compact undercounter refrigerator, engineered to meet current and emerging CDC, NSF and ANSI guidelines on vaccine and biologics storage, is designed to be incorporated into ADA compliant workplaces and conveniently fits under most tables, cabinets and work benches. PHCbi cabinets are based on high performance refrigeration platforms engineered for reliability, temperature uniformity, fast temperature recovery and tolerance for real-world conditions.

PHCbi pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers satisfy current and evolving storage protocols and any space requirement. Expertly designed refrigeration systems and cabinet designs assure temperature uniformity, reliability and energy efficiency. All are engineered to maintain required temperatures for product viability and to achieve rapid temperature recovery after multiple door openings.

For complete information on PHCbi brand vaccine storage refrigerators and freezers visit this page.