Our compliance policies in a nutshell About PHC

What guides us

We serve customers working in life sciences. While these fields are evolving rapidly, they operate within a highly regulated landscape.

We consider regulations as important challenges that encourage companies to continuously improve and that can drive innovation. They help life science industries to create and maintain standards, and achieve quality.

We consider it essential to work with the highest professional principles and we comply with all current and relevant regulations. This makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner in in life science.

Our mission is to develop products and services that can help change people's lives. In doing so, we are always guided by respect for others We recognize that how we do things is just as important as what we do. We have introduced a Code of Conduct – a general guide that outlines the requirements and highlights key principles and standards that all employees and representatives of PHC Europe must adhere to while doing business.

“Integrating fairness, responsibility and caring into every element of our business can be expected from PHC Europe.”
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