Real-time PCR analysis

Real Time PCR

PHCbi's real-time PCR solutions are designed to meet the needs of today's researchers with high precision, speed, and versatility. With features that cater to both beginners and advanced users, PHCbi offers robust systems that ensure reliable gene expression analysis, genetic testing, and numerous other applications in molecular biology.


Real-time PCR analysis

Key Features of PHCbi Real-Time PCR Systems

Rapid Reaction Times: PHCbi real-time PCR systems offer reaction times as short as 30 minutes, making them highly efficient for quick turnaround times in research and diagnostic settings.

  • Multi-Wavelength Analysis: These systems support multi-wavelength analysis with up to four colors, enabling the simultaneous detection of multiple targets. This is crucial for multiplexing methods and enhances the versatility of the system.
  • High Precision and Reproducibility: The systems feature precise temperature control and fast optical systems, ensuring uniformity and reproducibility across all 96 wells. This high precision is essential for accurate amplification and quantification of nucleic acids.
  • Advanced Fluorescence Detection: Equipped with four types of fluorescence filters (FAM, HEX, ROX, and Cy5), PHCbi's real-time PCR systems are compatible with a wide range of fluorescent dyes, including SYBR® Green. This flexibility allows for various fluorescence-labeled probe detections and enhances the amplification efficiency by ensuring accurate fluorescence intensity measurements.
  • Standalone Operation and PC Integration: These systems can operate as standalone units, saving valuable lab space. Additionally, they offer LAN connectivity for data analysis, enabling seamless integration with laboratory networks and data sharing.

Applications in Real-Time PCR

Gene Expression Analysis

Real-time PCR, also known as quantitative PCR (qPCR), is an indispensable tool for gene expression analysis. It enables researchers to measure the expression levels of specific genes in real-time, providing critical insights into gene regulation, cellular responses, and disease mechanisms. PHCbi's systems ensure high amplification efficiency and accurate quantification through sophisticated software and precise temperature control.

Genetic Testing

In genetic testing, real-time PCR is used to detect and quantify specific genetic variations or mutations. PHCbi's real-time PCR systems support various qPCR assays, including SNP genotyping and plus/minus assays, offering reliable results for clinical diagnostics and research applications.

Enhancing Amplification Reactions

PHCbi's real-time PCR systems are designed to optimize amplification reactions. With features like preset and flexible running protocols for 2-step and 3-step PCR, researchers can tailor their experiments to achieve the best results. The systems also support fast PCR kits, further reducing the time required for amplification reactions.

Advanced Software for Comprehensive Analysis

PHCbi's real-time PCR systems come with exhaustive analysis software that caters to both novice and experienced users. The software offers intuitive setup and analysis, with features such as:

  • Experimental Setup: Select from various analysis types, including absolute and relative quantification, plus/minus decision, and SNP genotyping. The setup can be easily modified post-run if needed.
  • Sample Setting: Intuitive sample information management using list-based settings for systematic organization of target samples.
  • Reaction Condition Setting: Easy pull-down menu selection for setting experimental conditions, with the option to recall settings from previous runs.
  • Results and Analysis: The software allows simultaneous analysis from multiple perspectives, enhancing data interpretation and accuracy.
  • Output Options: Generate various text files and RDML files with simple operations, facilitating easy data export and reporting.

Precision Temperature Control and Fast Optical System

PHCbi's systems use a Peltier element for highly accurate temperature regulation, ensuring consistent conditions across all wells. The fast optical system detects all wells simultaneously, preventing measurement delays and maintaining high uniformity and reproducibility.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

PHCbi offers a two-year warranty on their real-time PCR systems, providing peace of mind and ensuring long-term reliability. The systems are built with high-quality components, underscoring PHCbi's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


PHCbi's real-time PCR solutions are at the forefront of genetic research technology. With rapid reaction times, advanced fluorescence detection, high precision, and user-friendly software, these systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers and clinicians. Whether you're conducting gene expression analysis, genetic testing, or other molecular biology applications, PHCbi's real-time PCR systems provide the reliability and performance necessary for accurate and efficient results.

By integrating these powerful features and robust capabilities, PHCbi continues to lead the way in real-time PCR technology, enabling groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in genetic research.