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CO2 incubators

  • What do I need to do if power failure occurs during decontamination process?
    Immediately after power is recovered, UV resolving phase (90min.) starts. However, even after decontamination process is completed, decontamination error message will be displayed. You should start the decontamination process again. During power failure, the door is remained locked.
  • When UV intensity is degraded, can a resolving phase be executed properly?
    When a UV lamp life indicator is blinking that means UV lamp has been used for longer than 1000 hours, the decontamination process cannot be started. When the lamp’s use hours is less than 1000 hours and no blinking of UV lamp indicator, even if its UV intensity is degraded, the lamp can resolve gas without extension of resolving time.
  • When should I do the decontamination process?
    Please do decontamination when contamination occurs inside the chamber, or at chamber cleaning for change over before starting culture (※Instruction Manual has a description). We also recommend doing decontamination process just after installation.