Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-150°C/-86°C) PRESERVATION

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ULT Freezers

PHCbi's ultra low temperature freezers offer advanced cabinet design, reliable refrigeration systems and easy to-use controllers making them ideal for the long-term secure storage of valuable samples. Every component is carefully selected and matched for optimum operation under demanding laboratory conditions, while the internal layout of the refrigeration system is meticulously designed for maximum heat removal, reducing stress on the system and therefore providing the highest levels of reliability and durability.


Cryogenic ULT Freezers (-150°C)

TwinGuard ULT Freezers (-86°C)

VIP ECO ULT Freezers (-86°C)

FrostLess ULT Freezers (-86°C)

PRO ULT Freezers (-86°C)

Hybrid Water Cooled Freezers

Ultra low Temperature Freezers

In response to the needs of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital/clinical and industrial customers, PHC Europe B.V. offer a unique perspective on Ultra Low Temperature preservation. As part of PHC Corporation, Biomedical Division, PHC Europe B.V. plays a critical role in product development for worldwide applications.

As a result, PHCbi products incorporate the latest applied theories and ideas, refrigeration compressors, electronic components, energy efficiency, robotic manufacturing and economies-of-scale that directly benefit our customers. Furthermore, PHCbi products are extensively tested to meet the toughest quality standards in the world; our own! Through the vigorous application of our unique Vertical Component Integration™, PHCbi products offer tangible benefits - from performance and reliability to ergonomics and convenience, that no other manufacturer can provide.

Superior Performance

All PHCbi Ultra Low temperature freezers are designed to provide the highest quality construction with superior performance. Key features such as strategically placed evaporator coils, VIP panels and insulated inner doors contribute to the unrivalled temperature uniformity and stability of VIP freezers, allowing the freezers to conform to the strictest standards and validation protocols. Quieter operation is achieved through condenser fan blade design, noise reduction insulation, anti-vibration systems and internal compressor noise reduction.

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