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Hybrid Water Cooling

When a high-quality ultra low temperature or cryogenic freezer is equipped with a Hybrid water cooling option, the unit can handle a chilled water circuit to extract the generated heat from the condenser or use the traditional air-cooled way with a fan motor. With this new setup, the freezer can switch from water cooled to air cooled in case the water system is not operated. A Hybrid water cooled freezer will contribute to a significant reduction in power consumption and will also reduce the amount of heat dissipated into the air.

Compared to an air cooled freezer a Hybrid water cooled freezer will also have an improved temperature stability. The Hybrid water cooled system also provides a range of benefits:

  • Lower energy use
  • Cost saving
  • Re-use of energy
  • Reduced heat dissipation
  • Improved sample protection
  • Faster recovery time

How it works

Phase 1
Heat generated from the freezer compartment is transferred to a water circuit using a plate heat exchanger.

Phase 2
Transport the absorbed heat/energy from the freezer.

Phase 3
Possibility to re-use heat/energy for other heat/energy demanding systems.

Phase 4
Remove remaining (unused) heat energy form the building into outside air.

PHCbi's water-cooled Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers incorporate a double plate heatexchanger that maximises heat energy transfer from the refrigerant to a closed water circuit. As water is more efficient than air at removing heat, the compressor efficiency is improved, meaning that the power consumption of a watercooled ultra-low temperature freezer can be reduced by 15-20% compared to an equivalent air-cooled model. As heat is removed through the water, there are much lower demands on the air conditioning system, resulting in additional savings.

The energy removed by the water cooling system has the potential for use for other purposes within the facility, such as heating water for hand-washing, or heating the building, reducing site-wide energy costs. As well as the environmental and financial benefits, a water-cooled system can also improve freezer performance and sample protection.

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