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PHCbi’s MDF Ultra Low Temperature Freezers and Cryogenic Freezers represent the industry’s most complete combination of refrigeration technology, control, alarm, monitoring and accessibility for reliable sample preservation.

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Our Incubators are well known throughout the world for their high quality. Creating successful cell cultures requires an incubator that has a high level of precision, security and is easy to use.

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MLS series top-loading autoclaves are a popular method of sterilization for today’s research laboratories.

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Cell Analysis

Continuous, sampling-free measurement of glucose and lactate in culture medium. Visualize real-time changes in cell metabolism.

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Cell Culture Plates

PHC provides superior quality three-dimensional cell culture platforms with a variety of well shapes to enable spheroid culturing of your specific cell type

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Live Cell Shipment

Live transport; delivering cells in an unfrozen and “ready to use” condition. total solutions so that various cells and biological tissues including iPS cells can be transported alive without freezing.

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PATHFAST™ is a fully automated immunoassay analyzer which combines advanced chemiluminescence technology with the patented Magtration® technology. With its space-saving design and high flexibility, PATHFAST™ also offers an ideal back-up system for central labs.

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