Real-time PCR analysis


2 year warranty
Real-time PCR system with reaction time as short as 30 minutes


High-performance hardware enables high-precision real-time PCR analysis!

Real-time PCR analysis

Real-time PCR system with reaction time as short as 30 minutes. Multi-wavelength analysis of up to 4 colours. An indispensable method for gene expression analysis and genetic testing. Reliable quality made in Japan.


MGD-RP1001-PE. Real-time PCR, which offer high quantitation, reproducibility, and speed, is an indispensable method for gene expression analysis and genetic testing.

  • Real-time PCR system with reaction time as short as 30 minutes
  • Excellent performance with 2 step & 3 step PCR
  • Fast PCR kit compatible/2 step PCR optimized with preset and flexible running protocols
  • Exhaustive analysis software for beginners & advanced users
  • 2 year warranty

Precise Temperature Control And Fast Optical System

The heating and cooling system of the PHCbi real-time PCR uses a Peltier element with highly accurate temperature regulation in all 96 wells. In addition, the imaging system avoids delay in measurement by detecting all 96 wells simultaneously. As a result, high uniformity and reproducibility are achieved between wells and between experiments.

Set Of 4 Fluorescence Filters Provide Flexibility Between Single Colour Protocols Or Multiplexing Methods

The PHCbi real-time PCR is standard equipped with four types of fluorescence filter (FAM, HEX, ROX, and Cy5), enabling real-time PCR with SYBR® green detection (or similar dyes) and detection with various fluorescence-labeled probes. If ROX is not used for correction, it can also be effectively used as a detection wavelength.

Improved Ease Of Use

Stand-alone control of the device eliminates the need for a PC and saves space. This saves space on the laboratory bench, which tends to be cramped.

Lan Connection To Analysis Pc

If desired, a PC for data analysis can be connected via LAN cable. Data can be shared via intranet from a connected analysis PC.

2-Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

The PHCbi real-time PCR comes as standard with a two-year product warranty from delivery.

PHCbi real-time PCR is packed with useful features

The PHCbi real-time PCR system software for PC offers a user-friendly interface for seamless operation and analysis. It caters to both novice and experienced users, allowing easy setup and analysis of experiments. Key features include:

  • Experimental Setup: Users can choose from various analysis types such as absolute quantification, relative quantification, +/- decision, and SNP genotyping. The analysis type can be modified even after the run is completed.
  • Sample Setting: The software adopts a list management approach for intuitive sample information setting, facilitating systematic plate sample information setup, particularly useful for managing multiple specimens.
  • Reaction Condition Setting: Experimental conditions can be easily set up using pull-down selection, with the option to recall settings from previous run files.
  • Results/Analysis: The software features a divided Result/Analysis screen, enabling simultaneous analysis of experiments from two different perspectives.
  • Output Setting: Various text files for creating RDML files can be generated with simple operations, enhancing flexibility in data output.

Additionally, the software offers:

  • Easy Operation Function: Users can create a new file using a previous file as a template directly from the initial screen, allowing extraction of previous measurement conditions without modification, thereby reducing setup time and errors.
  • Enhanced Reporting Functions: The software supports various output formats such as CSV, Excel, Word, PDF, and PowerPoint, enabling users to generate reports in formats that suit their needs.


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External Dimensions Product: body 290 mm x 610 x 360
Packaged: 425 x 760 x 450
Net Weight 18.5 kg (product body)
24 kg (packaged)
Reaction plate/tube 0.1 ml 96-well plate / 0.1 ml 8-tube strip
Reactor block Aluminum
Optical detection system CMOS camera (1440 pix X 1080 pix) Detectable wavelength 380~730nm
Optical filters Standard-equipment filters: FAM/HEX/ROX/Cy5
Option filter: Quasar705 filter
At the same time, max. 5 fluorescence measurements are possible. (add optional filter)
Filter change system Electric rotary table
Light source White CoB LED, Excitable wavelength:440~700nm
Heating and cooling Peltier element
Safety system Lid heater:Temperature fuse
Internal protection:Reactor block and Built-in heat sink overheat protection circuit
Power source : Circuit protector
Touch panel 7 inch LCD touch panel
Rate power voltage AC220~240 / 50 Hz
Rate power voltage 750 W (max value during PCR cycle)
Battery for clock 750 (max value during PCR cycle)
Reaction liquid volume 0,1 ml (recommended volume 25 ㎕, Max. 50 ㎕)
Sample Max. 96 sample
PC connection Ethernet (wired LAN)
Built in OS Windows 10 loT Enterprise


  • Operating instructions
  • LAN cable: Category 5e, 2 m
  • Power cable (EU-type plug): 3 m, with 250 V-10 A rating • Power cable (UK-type plug): 3 m, with 250 V-10 A rating
  • Software in USB flash drive: (Content: Analysis software, analysis software manual (PDF), LCD software manual (PDF), product manual (PDF)


  • Optional optical filter Q705 (MGD-RP1004-PE)