Solving Problems through Business at Life Sciences & Diagnostics Corporate Social Responsibility

Solving Problems through Business at Life Sciences & Diagnostics

For Active Healthcare Development and Global Environmental Protection the start of our life sciences business was the launch of pharmaceutical refrigerators in 1966. Since then we have been providing Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers used for the long-term storage of cells and specimens and other equipment for preservation, incubation, biosafety, diagnostics and sterilization including CO2 incubators for cell and tissue culture in more than 110 countries and regions around the world. The equipment has applications in life sciences research for drug development, regenerative medicine, gene treatment, and cell therapies, helping healthcare develop toward a society of health and longevity.

Against this background of progress in healthcare, science and technology, global warming-induced climatic changes as well as harmful influences on ecosystems, an issue every corporate today must consider is to engage in business activities aiming to create a sustainable global environment by suppressing greenhouse effect gas emissions.

We focus on developing environmentally-conscious life sciences products having as low an environmental impact as possible and contribute to healthcare development and global environmental protection.

We utilize energy-efficient non-CFC natural refrigerant with low environmental impact in our Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerators that also use inverter compressors. The energy-saving performance of these products promptly gained certification of “International ENERGY STAR Program (*4)” and is highly evaluated by third party organizations.

Products using non-CFC natural refrigerant: