I love proven performance

VIP Ultra Low Freezers: excellent reliability and uniformity within an optimal footprint You rely on lab equipment that performs with razor-sharp precision and uniformity, time after time. We realise how vital that is for your research.

Panasonic carries out extensive performance- and safety testing in developing its products. With the first VIP ULT freezer introduced 20 years ago, reliability is tried and tested. And we continue to explore every aspect of its performance. Many of the VIP ULT Freezer range are certified as Class IIa Medical Devices. Core to the VIP Ultra Low Temperature Freezer’s proven performance is an intelligent, integrated microprocessor controller with a clear, easy-to-read, digital display that allow monitoring without opening the freezer doors. A growing number of customers with samples that are valuable, irreplaceable, or potentially life-saving are discovering the benefits from the added assurance, capacity and advanced features of the VIP ULT Freezer range.