Peace of mind over your sample security

With peace of mind over sample security, you can focus entirely on your research.

The added confidence of a reliable, high volume and long term preservation solution means you can work more efficiently and rest assured, plan research activities optimally, progress faster and save resources. We aim to bring you peace of mind.

Our TwinGuard Ultra low temperature Freezers offer the highest level of sample protection through the use of two independent refrigeration systems. If one system unexpectedly fails, the other can maintain the freezer's temperature uniformly in the -70˚C range. TwinGuard Ultra low temperature Freezers achieve exceptional temperature recovery after door openings and sample placement, stable lower internal temperatures and increased durability. Also designed for exceptional ease-of-use and data monitoring, the freezers feature a comprehensive alarm system. And, with optimal interior volume within the smallest footprint possible, you are guaranteed the most efficient use of space.