Do you love low running costs, minimal energy consumption and less environmental impact?

With our customer’s values are at the heart of product development, VIP ECO ULT Freezers were designed to provide:

Low running costs

Our customers want to reduce the running costs of their lab. With limited budgets and savings in running costs, they can invest more in other areas of research. With equipment running continuously, energy-efficient devices can contribute significantly to lower running costs. They value equipment that has low running costs.

Alongside optimum reliability, VIP ECO Ultra Low Temperature Freezers deliver maximum cost efficiency. They deliver efficient cooling through the use of highly efficient, naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants, which mean smaller compressors can be used that enable significant reductions in energy use and running costs. In addition, more efficient refrigeration systems dissipate less heat to their surroundings, reducing air-conditioning requirements, which can lead to further savings.

Minimal energy consumption

Our customers are conscious of how energy-intensive their lab is to run. Reducing energy consumption is a primary way to shrink the carbon footprint of the lab, as well as save money. They value equipment that consumes a minimal amount of energy.

The naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants used in VIP ECO ULT Freezers provide more efficient cooling due to their high latent heat of evaporation, which mean that these refrigerants remove heat more efficiently from the freezer cabinet than traditional ones. The efficiency of a freezer can be measured as a coefficient of performance (COP) - a ratio of the cooling provided to the electrical energy consumed. VIP ECO ULT Freezers have an extremely high COP. And as a result, smaller, more efficient compressors can be used, leading to even greater overall energy efficiency. High quality insulation and a highly effective door seal also reduced energy requirements. Overall, VIP ECO ULT Freezers can achieve up to 55% less energy consumption.

Less environmental impact

Our customers aim to contribute to a better environment. Their labs need to meet, and if possible, exceed environmental standards. They value equipment that performs optimally, but has less environmental impact.

The refrigerant technology in our VIP ECO ULT Freezer range, contributes towards reducing environmental impact. VIP ECO ULT Freezers use two naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants, propane and ethane, that are better for the environment.

As well as being non-ozone depleting, they have exceptionally low Global Warming Potential (GWP) values. Hydrocarbons have short atmospheric lifetimes, which means that the refrigerant is removed from the atmosphere quickly, resulting in lower global warming. Propane and ethane have GWPs of 3.3 and 5.5 respectively. These values are significantly lower than traditional refrigerants.