Successful cancer research

Every year in the Netherlands, 100.000 people are diagnosed with cancer. And still 43.000 people die every year from this terrible disease. The Dutch “Daniel de Hoed Foundation” is fighting cancer by funding successful cancer research conducted by the “Erasmus MC Cancer Institute”. This research focuses on personalized medicine, a promising methodology that emphasizes personalized, effective treatment.

One of the projects to fund the research is the Tour for Life; a bike ride across Europe from Italy to Rotterdam in eight days. Over 1.400 km and 18.000 meters in elevation are cycled by almost 150 participants. Tour for Life is widely considered as the most beautiful and impressive charity stage course. A must for cycling enthusiasts. The forthcoming 3rd edition will take place from August 27th to September 3rd 2017.

The sponsorship money raised by Tour for Life will be used to fund this scientific research and for the acquisition of advanced research equipment.