Privacy Policy of PHC Europe B.V.

PHC Europe B.V. and its affiliates (‘we’, ‘us’) are committed to protecting privacy of our internal and external stakeholders, including existing and prospective business partners (‘you,’ ‘your’). This Privacy Policy (‘the Policy’) applies to personal data obtained via our website or in the context of establishing and maintaining business relationship with you.

The aim of this Policy is twofold: 

  • to explain which categories of personal data we collect and for what purpose; 
  • to outline how we handle it.
The categories of personal data collected depend on the source. One can distinguish between:
  • personal data provided to us directly by you;
  • personal data provided to us (with your permission) by our business partners (e.g. distributors);
  • data obtained from publicly available sources (e.g. public records, online publications), including references to such information received via reputable service providers (e.g. providers of credit risk and due diligence solutions); 
  • data related to your online visit stored and retrieved in the form of cookies.
Personal data provided by you
Our website offers you the opportunity to submit an inquiry about our products and services or share feedback; to request a quote; to subscribe to our newsletter, to register for a webinar or a training course; to complete an online questionnaire or a customer survey etc. 

Depending on the type of the online communication, this personal information may include:

  • your name;
  • title (the way you would like to be addressed);
  • your contact details (e.g. e-mail address, phone number);
  • the name of the organisation you represent and its location (e.g. the name of the place and the post code);

This data may be used to process your requests; respond to your inquiries; deliver relevant content and recommendations or to enable you to comment on the quality of products and services provided. It may also be used to send you some marketing communications relating to our business, which we think may be of interest to you as well as messages containing company news, product or service information. We may also use this data for research regarding the effectiveness of our online channels of communication and related marketing, advertising and sales efforts.
Whenever we collect your personal data via our website, we will always ask for your permission to use it for direct marketing purposes. You will be provided with the opportunity to opt out of receiving direct marketing communications from us both at the time of providing your personal data to us and, eventually, by following the link ‘unsubscribe’ or by contacting us at

We do not disclose personal data of our website visitors outside the PHC Group of companies unless

  • data processing is carried out by our carefully selected service providers or distributors as part of a broader spectrum of the professional duties assigned to them (e.g. supply of products; rendering of technical services; maintenance of the corporate IT infrastructure etc). This is subject to the condition that the companies in question are under a contractual obligation to protect personal data entrusted to them and not use it for any other purposes than those specified in this Policy.
  • there is an obligation on our part to comply with a legitimate legal request.

Please note that in the case of product-related inquiries, as a rule, the geographical location of the inquirer determines which parties or entities get involved in handling your inquiry. Inquiries received from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France or Italy may be handled by our colleagues directly or be forwarded to one of our distributors, depending on the circumstances and the nature of the inquiry.
If you ask us for a price quote, we may share your contact details with all of the distributors operating in your country to give you the opportunity to compare sales prices and get the best possible deal. However, you have the possibility to expand or restrict the list of the recipients of your inquiry among the distributors manually.

Your inquiry will be registered in our CRM system. If you would like to verify which personal data is being held or wish to access, update, or delete your personal data from our system, please contact us at: 

Personal data provided to us (with your permission) by our business partners (e.g. distributors)

may include:

  • your name;
  • title (the way you would like to be addressed);
  • your contact details (e.g. e-mail address, phone number);
  • area of expertise (e.g. department that you belong to or research project you are involved in);
  • the name of the organisation you represent and its location (e.g. the name of the place and the post code);
This information will be used for the following purposes only:

  • compliance with the applicable product safety legislation, e.g. to ensure effective response where corrective or preventive measures are required; 
  • management of customers’ feedback (including complaints) related to quality and performance of our products; 
  • training and product management support, insofar as such training and support are required; 
  • compliance with trade controls (e.g. in the situations where a purchaser is expected to confirm the identity of the end-user and the intended mode of application of the products to be supplied).

Data obtained from publicly available sources
We use publicly available sources (e.g. business registers, online publications) as well as services of some reputable providers of credit risk and due diligence solutions to:
  • manage our existing and prospective business partner relationships and associated business risks;
  • comply with applicable legal obligations, industry standards and corporate policies related, e.g. to preventing and detecting money-laundering activities, tackling problems associated with bribery or modern-day slavery; trade controls etc;
  • carry out research and analyses aimed at protection and improvement of our business.
Personal data obtained via this channel may include:
  • Your name;
  • Information relating to your professional or political career;
  • Numbers of shares held (where applicable);
  • Date of birth, the country of origin and other personal information that may appear on the official lists of parties subject to sanctions or restrictions from time to time;
  • References to relevant publications and announcements (including negative publicity, where applicable).

In order to protect your privacy, we
  • implement and maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical measures to prevent unauthorised disclosure, use, modification or destruction of the personal data in our possession; 
  • conduct regular training seminars on key principles of the protection of personal data for the relevant members of the staff;
  • regularly review the established policies and procedures, including those related to reporting of information security breaches, to ensure a swift and adequate response. 
Data related to your online visit stored and retrieved in the form of cookies

Our website tracking program collects aggregate information about the number of visitors, types of browsers used, Internet Service Providers (ISP) used, visit times and length, pages visit, referring pages and exit pages (commonly known as log files). This information helps us measure popularity, traffic, and effectiveness of various areas of this website and helps us to offer our visitors a better browsing experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data generated by a website you visit and stored on your computer or mobile device if the browser's settings allow it. 
Some cookies are retained in your browser only for the duration of your session on the website. Others remain ‘active’ for a longer period of time. 
Cookies used on our website have been grouped in accordance with the classification proposed by International Chamber of Commerce in their Cookie Guide.

Some cookies are strictly necessary. They enable you to navigate our website and use its basic features.  
Some cookies are used to enhance the functionality of the website by storing your preferences and selected settings. These cookies are not essential, yet they help us to optimize your experience of our website.

Performance cookies collect information about how you and other visitors use our websites in order to improve them. For example, they tell us how many individual unique users we have; which pages are visited most frequently; which features are used most often and which, on the other hand, are ignored; whether an error message has been sent to any of our users etc. All of the information that these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous – it does not identify individual visitors.

Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests.

Below is the list of cookies we use, including their name, short description, the lifespan and an indication of whether they are exempt from requirements for prior informed consent according to the EU advisory body on Data protection.

Type  name Retention period purpose
 Functional cookie  _CSRFCOOKIE
 during session
 Security Cookie to prevent counterfeits. CSRF stands for cross-site request forgery.
 Functional cookie
 _RequestVerificationToken  during session
 Security cookie to prevent counterfeits.
 Functional cookie
 during session
 Used to determine if a user is authenticated.
 Functional cookie
 during session
 General session cookie set by the server used to track the session state. Enables the site to remember selections and preferences made by the user.
 Max 10years
 The main purpose of this cookie is: Performance.
 Functional cookie


 during session
 Session cookie used to remember user preferences.
 Functional cookie
 Max 3months
 This cookie saves the width of the tree navigation of the content editor. This means: If the width of the navigation changes, the cookie value is also set to the corresponding pixel width.
 Functional cookie
 during session
 Remembers the preferred language of the site's visitor.
 Functional cookie
 Max 6months
 Session cookie used by the Site Core CMS to maintain user sessions.
Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may modify this Policy from time to time. We will post the most recent version of the Policy on our website and indicate at the bottom when it was updated.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer via email: or write to us at

PHC Europe B.V.
Att: Data Protection Officer
Nijverheidsweg 120
4879 AZ Etten-Leur
The Netherlands