Challenges with Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring

Laboratory equipment malfunctions and undesired temperature incursions can destroy priceless cells and years of painstaking research. Remote monitoring of equipment can help labs avoid these unexpected experiences.
Wi-Fi-based remote monitoring of laboratory equipment has been utilized around the globe for years, meeting with varying degrees of success. Battery life is never long enough. Communication challenges with the actual Wi-Fi signal arise. Maintenance of internal firewalls frequently presents a barrier to effective implementation.
Today, new developments in remote monitoring have emerged. The use of cellular signals is a better solution to ensure labs stay connected to their monitoring equipment and avoid the pitfalls of everchanging Wi-Fi passwords and connectivity issues. Advanced hardware technology eliminates the challenge of calibration since it uses smart sensors to automatically pair to transmitters, delivering a traceable, simplified calibration process. Cellular technology also sidesteps the complications of Wi-Fi-based monitoring, reducing the security issues often encountered with these systems.
Could cellular-based remote monitoring be a consideration for your facility?