Preparing Your Lab for Vacation Season


Laboratory Maintenance

Summer months often mean many of your lab's staff will be taking time off. Executing some preventive maintenance can help keep things running smoothly with your ultra-low temperature freezers, as well as your incubators.

Ultra-Low Freezers - Clean Airflow Filters

If your ultra-low temperature freezer has a conventional condenser, cleaning the airflow filters is a must. All heat from the refrigeration system has to be expelled into the room, so obstructed airflow must be averted. Obstructed airflow puts unnecessary strain on the compressors, making it harder to achieve efficient operation.

Ultra-Low Freezers - Ice Removal

The second key preventive maintenance procedure for your ultra-low temperature freezer is ice removal. Ice naturally builds up on freezer door gaskets and inner doors. Regularly removing ice will help your ultra-low temperature freezers' doors maintain their seal and keep your stored inventory safe.
PHCbi brand ultra-low temperature freezers simplify your preventive maintenance requirements. Our ultra-low temperature freezer filters do not require specially trained personnel to make the swap, so anyone in the lab can help cover during scheduled vacation times! PHCbi brand inner doors can easily be removed for simple ice removal. Having a few extra inner doors on hand will help speed up the process.

Incubator Preventive Maintenance

What about incubators? It is critical to take a few key steps before you leave the lab to make sure everything is ready to go when you return:
  • Make sure the unit AND your CO2 tank are turned off
  • If the gauge reads <200 lbs - order a new tank so that it is waiting for you when you return
  • Remove the water pan and run the decontamination cycle
If you need to leave the unit running while you are away, we have a few recommendations:
  • If you have two tanks but don't have a tank switcher, order one now so your work doesn't get interrupted
  • Make sure the water pan is full
Watch the webinar on tips for maintaining your equipment while on vacation here: