New TwinGuard® -86˚C Upright Freezers Include New Generation Cooling System Based on Patented Auto-Cascade Refrigeration Technology

June 15, 2017
Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America

Wood Dale, IL, June 15 2017 – Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America celebrates 50 years of innovation in the laboratory equipment industry this year. To mark the occasion, the company has introduced a new series of -86˚C upright freezers designed to protect specimen viability and security critical to long-term storage of high-value biological samples in life science, biobanking, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Marketed as the TwinGuard series, the new upright freezers adopt next generation dual cooling systems and new platforms with improved insulation performance and storage efficiency. They extend the company’s existing line of upright ultra-low temperature freezers which have set industry standards for reliability throughout the biological storage community worldwide. The new TwinGuard freezers are available in two upright cabinet sizes of 18.6 cu.ft. and 25.8 cu.ft.

Ultimate Sample Protection

The TwinGuard dual cooling system maintains normal temperatures of -86˚C and secondary temperatures of -70˚C should a service event occur. Combined with conventional liquid CO2 backup facility systems, TwinGuard freezers establish a tighter circle of protection around critical specimens.

Efficient Sample Storage

The new TwinGuard is designed for more efficient sample storage. Sample storage of conventional boxes is managed through the use of standard inventory racks and better apportionment of storage space which yields 10% greater capacity per sq.ft. of floor space than previous models.

The cabinet integrates a specially designed outer door, insulated inner doors, door gaskets, an automatic vacuum relief and thermal breaks to form an Advanced Frost Control system that minimizes ice build-up. Improved insulation performance reduces energy consumption.

Temperature uniformity, stability and slow warm-up characteristics are inherent to the TwinGuard upright cabinet design. The thermal mass of the freezer load, patented VIP® Plus cabinet insulation, and robust inner doors optimize performance and complete a circle of protection.

Intelligent Interface

New features of the TwinGuard cabinets include a high visibility controller with color display and touchscreen interface at eye level. The intuitive LCD touchscreen display is easily controlled by gloved hands. A new EZlatch door handle, developed by Panasonic Healthcare, permits one-handed opening and closing. A heated, automatic vacuum port simplifies immediate re-entry following door openings.

All Panasonic Healthcare TwinGuard freezers are covered in the United States by a 5-year Parts and Labor Warranty, and include a high performance microprocessor controller with color LCD display, integral cooling circuit monitoring, onboard predictive analytics and performance monitoring functions.


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PHC Corporation of North America, located in Wood Dale, IL, is a leader in laboratory equipment for the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, academic, healthcare and government markets. Product lines under the PHCbi brand include the space saving and energy efficient VIP® ECO and TwinGuard® ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic and biomedical freezers, pharmacy and high-performance refrigerators, cell culture CO2 and multigas incubators, and Drosophila/plant growth chambers. PHC Corporation of North America is a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, which is a global healthcare company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services solutions across diabetes management, healthcare solutions, diagnostics and life sciences.