New -86˚C Slim Profile Upright Freezer Added to Award-Winning TwinGuard® Series, Includes Dual Cooling System, Installs in Tight Spaces

January 24, 2018
Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America

Wood Dale, IL, January 24, 2018 – Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America has introduced a new slim profile 12.7 cu.ft. -86°C upright freezer to its award-winning TwinGuard Series ultra-low temperature freezers. The new model is designed and extensively field-tested to protect specimen viability and security vital to long-term preservation of high-value biological samples in life science, biobanking, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. This TwinGuard will be displayed at the World Stem Cell Summit, Miami, FL, January 24-25.

The new upright freezer, Model MDF-DU302VX-PA, is designed to install in spaces smaller than standard ultra-low temperature freezers. It is ideal for personal storage of critical materials where remote, off-site or shared storage is not desirable. It uses a unique dual cooling system and advanced cabinet design with enhanced insulation performance and storage efficiency. This freezer extends the company’s existing line of upright ultra-low temperature freezers, which have established standards for reliability throughout the biological storage community worldwide.

"Our products continue to lead the industry on reliability," says Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America President, Steven Lynum. "Our top of the line TwinGuard series was introduced upon the request of clients, who wanted built-in safeguards to protect valuable samples from service events. Now with the trend in personalized medicine, there is an even greater demand for compact, reliable and secure means of storing material at ultra-low temperatures. Panasonic Healthcare will continue to listen to the needs of our clients and provide without any compromise the safest, most reliable means to store valuable samples."

Ultimate Sample Protection

The TwinGuard patented dual cooling system maintains normal temperatures as low as -86°C, and should a service event occur, temperatures will hold at -70°C. Combined with conventional facility liquid CO2 backup systems, the TwinGuard freezer creates a double circle of protection around critical specimens.

Predictive Analytics

The freezer is managed by a unique microprocessor digital controller designed for setpoint security, temperature display and alarm functions. Data is continuously collected throughout the system to predict any deviations from expected performance, which would in turn initiate alarms with audible and visual alerts. All performance attributes are displayed and an internal time/temperature log is expressed in graphic form.

Efficient Sample Storage

The new TwinGuard is designed for more efficient sample storage. Sample storage of conventional boxes is managed through the use of standard inventory racks and better apportionment of storage space, which yields 10% greater capacity per sq.ft. compared to previous models of similar size.

This freezer has a specially designed outer door, insulated inner doors, automatic vacuum relief and thermal break, and integrates these technologies to control ice build-up. Improved insulation performance reduces energy consumption. If needed, the field-replaceable door gasket can be changed without shutting down or emptying the freezer.

Temperature uniformity, stability and slow warm-up characteristics are inherent to the TwinGuard upright cabinet design. The thermal mass of the freezer load, patented VIP® Plus (Vacuum Insulation Panel) cabinet insulation and robust inner doors optimize performance to enhance the circle of protection.

Intelligent Interface

New features of the TwinGuard cabinet include a high visibility controller with color display and eye-level touchscreen interface that is easily accessed with gloved hands. The new Panasonic Healthcare EZlatch door handle permits one-handed opening and closing. A heated, automatic vacuum release port simplifies immediate re-entry following door openings.

All Panasonic Healthcare TwinGuard freezers are covered in the United States by a 5-year Parts and Labor Warranty, and include a microprocessor controller with integral cooling circuit monitoring and predictive analytics.

The TwinGuard freezer is also available in an 18.6 cu.ft. or 25.7 cu.ft. upright cabinet configuration or a 25.3 cu.ft. chest model. For more information, visit

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