Company President Hans Brok Defines New PHCbi Brand

July 24, 2019
PHC Corporation of North America

Wood Dale, IL, July 24, 2019 – Hans Brok, president of PHC Corporation of North America, recently granted an interview with the PHC Information Network to discuss the launch of the new PHCbi brand of laboratory equipment products that has evolved from legacy companies SANYO Biomedical and Panasonic Corporation.

In an audio podcast produced for PHC Corporation of North America, Brok outlined how the new brand was developed to represent the continuity of skilled consultative sales professionals.

According to Brok, the new company's technology innovations in high performance biopreservation and cell culture equipment, and the expansion of global infrastructure are designed to support customer service and sales channel distribution anytime, anywhere.

Brok emphasized the nature and culture of the company which is illustrated by a methodical and deliberate exploration, testing and deployment of new technologies used in critical scientific research.

"We take our time. We test everything hundreds and perhaps thousands of times, and we seek independent confirmation of our product performance long before we introduce a product to the market. We will not compromise performance and reliability for any other objective", he said.

Brok, a former microbiologist, got his start in the laboratory equipment industry with SANYO Biomedical in Europe. In this podcast, Brok discusses his experiences with SANYO and later Panasonic Healthcare, specifically how one company led to the next and how a corporate affinity for customer needs was leveraged into a product line based on extensive component testing, attention to detail and an understanding of how products were applied to critical life science and pharmaceutical research endeavors.

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