Programmable Incubator Delivers Accuracy, Reliability, Versatility

October 21, 2020
PHC Corporation of North America

Programmable Incubator Delivers Accuracy, Reliability, Versatility

For many years, the PHCbi brand MIR series of heated and cooled incubators has offered reliable, high-performing incubation solutions to industries seeking dependable, consistent results in support of critical work for a wide range of applications. From cosmetics quality assurance testing and food science applications, to water treatment and environmental investigations, the MIR incubator portfolio delivers intuitive temperature and lighting programming capabilities in the consistent, durable platform that all applications require. Laboratories around the world from a diverse range of industries are benefiting from the outstanding performance of MIR incubators, supplying reliability over a wide temperature range in an easily programmable system.

Precision, repeatability and reliability in testing protocols are essential to avoid jeopardizing samples, results or entire projects. With an extensive temperature range from -10°C to +60°C supported by a high-precision microprocessor controlled PID heater and compressor on/off system, PHCbi brand MIR heated and cooled incubators achieve accurate, precise temperature control with minimal temperature fluctuation. Fan circulation optimizes the temperature uniformity within the chamber, as the door switch automatically turns the circulation fan off upon door openings to minimize air loss and reduce temperature recovery times. Reliable temperature control and consistency make these incubators ideal for use in food and beverage quality assurance and shelf life testing, fermented product processing, cosmetics quality assurance testing, wastewater treatment facilities, as well as life sciences applications.

Versatile and flexible function are supported by user-friendly controls that facilitate strict temperature uniformity and control for temperature cycling and programming across a broad temperature range, in addition to programmable lighting. Up to 10 programs can be stored for convenient retrieval and set-up of frequently run experiments. Individual programs can be combined using the join function. Constant operation mode without step operation is also available. Accommodating a range of diversified experimentation requirements, the MIR incubator series is ideal for overnight and holiday testing that requires multiple temperature and lighting changes. The choice of a 24-hour clock or timer mode permits the user to adjust for experimental needs.

The sturdy, easy to clean design of the MIR incubator series incorporates a door window and fluorescent lamp to facilitate clear sample observation without door openings, minimizing unwanted temperature fluctuations. Versatile day and night simulation can be achieved with a window blanking plate. A tamper-proof locking mechanism prevents unintentional changes and a programmed memory backup mechanism protects against power interruptions.

The MIR programmable incubator product line includes small, medium and large capacity options, with a host of available accessories that further extend flexibility of the system. For complete information on PHCbi brand heated and cooled MIR incubators, visit this page.